Automatic palletizer machine is to place the loaded regular items on the pallet in a certain order. The use of palletizer can realize the ideal solution of palletizing automation.

Through this article, you can learn about the advantages of the automatic palletizer machine, the operation access mode, the working mode and other related maintenance measures.

Automatic palletizing and manual palletizing

Manual palletizer:

Manually complete the stacking operation of the production line.

Automation palletizing :

The automatic stacking of finished workpieces at the end of the automatic production line is suitable for large quantities, strong repeatability, high temperature, dust and other adverse conditions.

What are the access modes of palletizer?

According to the output of customers’ output, the automatic stacking machine can be divided into four ways: one in and one out, one in and two out, two in and two out, four in and four out.

One in one out: it is applicable to the output of small sources of goods. It has fast stacking speed, but it needs to place the pallet manually.

One in and two out: place two pallets. When one pallet is full, the palletizer will turn to the other pallet continuously to improve the loading efficiency.

Two in and two out: two conveying chains input and two palletizers output. It can automatically locate the position of the pallet without manual operation. It is the most commonly used way of entry and exit at present.

Four in and four out: four in and four out are generally equipped with the function of automatic pallet replacement, which is mainly used for palletizing of medium and low output of multiple production lines.

What are the advantages of automatic palletizer machine over manual palletizer?

Compared with manual stacker, automatic stacker has the following characteristics:

  • simple structure, few spare parts and low failure rate.
  • the floor area is small, which is conducive to saving storage space.
  • strong applicability. The size setting can be adjusted on the machine according to the size change of the customer’s product. The normal production of customers will not be affected during operation. Even one automatic palletizer can palletize two production lines with different materials.
  • Low energy consumption, reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.
  • Accurate positioning and high stability. Simple maintenance and less storage parts are required.

What are the working modes of automatic palletizer?

The working layout of automatic palletizer machine is based on improving production efficiency. The standing equipment is divided into comprehensive stacker and centralized stacker.

Comprehensive palletizer: The palletizer is installed at the end of the production line .The palletizer machine can operate and manage one or two production lines as required. It covers a small area, reduces costs, has high flexibility and has greater productivity.

Centralized palletizer: The palletizer and the production line are placed in a certain area, which requires a large installation cost. Only one person can operate all the machines in the area.And saving personnel maintenance costs.

Precautions and daily maintenance of automatic palletizer?


Robot palletizer needs to be operated by trained personnel.

In case of emergency, press the stop button immediately.

If you want to enter the action area of the robot, be sure to turn off the control power. Then stop the robot operation, and take out the lock key.

Please do not touch the limit switch, electric switch and other sensors during the operation of the robot. Otherwise, the robot may malfunction

Regularly check the air filter and drain the condensate in time。

Routine maintenance:

The motor starts and stops smoothly without abnormal noise.

Whether fasteners such as bolts are loose; Does the photoelectric switch position move.

Check whether there is dust on the glass of the photoelectric switch. If any abnormality is found, it shall be solved in time.

The wearing condition of vulnerable parts shall be checked regularly. If the wear is serious, it shall be replaced in time.

The inspection cycle is one month.

Regularly check the wear condition of the bearing. If the bearing is seriously worn, replace it in time. The inspection cycle is one month

Periodic maintenance:

The equipment shall be regularly maintained and overhauled every three months during normal operation.Mainly to check the conditions of easily worn parts and lubrication points, pay attention to the replacement of vulnerable parts, and implement lubrication according to the equipment lubrication requirements.

According to the above description of automatic stacker and manual stacker, the appropriate stacker can be selected according to the output.

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