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Dedicated Teams

NAR Automation Engineering works to help customers achieve their goals and personalize their experience.

NAR Automation Engineering provides a full range of services, including demand analysis, scheme production and field installation.

True Partners

NAR automation engineering’s strong recognition of customer projects means that the Youth League Headquarters is growing.

NAR technical engineers will provide professional solutions from different customer product needs.

Global Know-how

NAR automation engineering’s sales staff are experienced and familiar with transportation equipment in different countries.

NAR will provide professional installation and after-sales engineers nationwide according to customer needs.

Focus On Innovation

NAR automation engineering technicians constantly understand customer needs and improve product solutions.


Perfect Solutions For Any Industrials

Bulk Ship Loading Equipment

The bulk ship loading equipment include bag ship loader , container turnover system, mobile ship loader.

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Belt Conveyor Systems

The belt conveyor systems include buckect elevator , chain conveyor, screw conveyor, material feeder.

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Automated Conveyor Systems

The  automated conveyor systems include telescopic belt conveyor, roller conveyor, flat belt conveyor, turning belt conveyor,etc.

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Ship Unloading System

The ship unloading system include Eco hoppers, pneumatic ship unloader, screw ship unloader.

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Automated Conveyor Systems


Nar Automatic Engineering Team

The Owner of NAR with 10 years of international sales experience understands the needs of clients from different countries. Trustworthy, pay attention to quality and service. And ensure that customers are satisfied with the delivered equipment, making NAR the top of equipment manufacturing.

Our engineers have excellent communication skills and quality monitoring to ensure that all production equipment maintains the highest quality.

Our quality inspectors have many years of experience in production process control, testing, inspection and transportation safety, and ensure that all equipment leaves the factory and reaches customers in perfect condition. Our purchasing engineers’ experience in installation, brewing and design enables NAR to find all solutions.

NAR Automatic Engineering provides professional installation and after-sales engineers worldwide according to customer needs.

Strict Quality Control

NAR factory professionally and strictly inspects the product quality, including incoming inspection, production process control, finished product production inspection and full line inspection before shipment, so as to ensure that the final products will meet the requirements of customers. Our goal is to mainly control quality to reduce customer trouble, even good after-sales!


NAR Engineering factory specializes in the production of automated conveyor systems,telescopic belt conveyor, DWS system, ship loader, roller conveyor system, belt conveyor, eco hopper, feeding system, mobile ship loader, chain conveyor, etc.

Our products sell well in more than 30 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia and Europe, and have been highly praised by customers at home and abroad.

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