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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Motor overheating?

    Cause:  the conveyor belt is overloaded or jammed on the surface; Lubrication problem of conveyor belt system; There is a problem with the heat sink.

    Measures:  regularly check and clean the residues on the surface of the conveyor belt to reduce the load of the conveyor belt; Regularly check the operation condition of all transmission parts and add lubricating oil in time; Check the heat sink and clean the dust on the surface of the ventilation mesh in time.

    The conveyor belt is broken

    Cause: the conveyor belt deviates from the position, resulting in friction and tear with the edge; It is related to the material of the transported materials; The conveyor belt has not been replaced for a long time and has aging problems.

    Measures: regularly check the conveyor belt and replace it in time; Select the conveyor belt material matching with the material; Check whether the belt is in the center before operation.

    Belt slipping

    Cause: the load of the conveyor belt is too large, but the tension is insufficient; Rain reduces belt friction.

    Measures: detect the speed change of conveyor belt before operation; Reduce the load of the conveyor belt and check and adjust its tension; Avoid rain contact.

    Material spreading problem

    Cause: excessive load; Belt offset.

    Measures: check the conveyor  belt status before operation, adjust the conveyor belt position and reduce the load of the belt in time.


    NAR Automation Engineering specializes in manufacturing conveying equipment, which can be customized according to your needs. You need to tell us your requirements for conveyor system. Such as conveyor belt material, height,width,  etc.

    You can also choose the right products on demand. Our technicians will provide you with solutions within 24 hours.