An automatic palletizing machine is a kind of robot equipment used for stacking and sorting products on pallets. We design and supply automatic stackers for different industries with specific requirements and characteristics.

In this paper, we will discuss the following contents: what is the automatic stacker, the type of stacker and its advantages.

What is automatic palletizing machine?

Stacker is a machine that automatically sorts and transfers goods, materials and other related products to pallets. It is usually used at the end of the production line. The automatic stacker facilitates mass transportation, maximizes the quantity of products on the pallet, and ensures fast and stable transportation.

With the demand for automation, computer and robot technology have brought great progress to the stacker. It is no longer entirely dependent on manual handling, but only needs manual participation to manage items that are difficult to stack manually.

Types of automatic palletizing machine

Different places have different requirements for palletizing machines. The types of palletizing equipment commonly used can be divided into high level palletizing machines, low level palletizing machines and robot palletizing machines. The following three types of palletizing machines are briefly introduced:

High level palletizing machines:

High-position stacker is a stacking equipment suitable for large chemical enterprises. It can perform multiple operations at the same time. It has the characteristics of fast stacking speed, high stability, easy maintenance and other features. However, the disadvantage is that the large body requires high space requirements, which is not suitable for small enterprises.

Low level palletizing machines:

They are suitable for stable bags with definite geometry moving at medium speed. It is very easy to connect these stackers to the filling line (including the existing filling line).

Robot palletizing machines:

The robot stacker is a high-tech product of mechanical and electrical integration. The robot stacker is mainly composed of flattening conveyor, slow-stop conveyor, transfer conveyor, tray bin, tray conveyor, marshalling machine, bag pushing device, stacking device and palletizing conveyor.

Robotic stackers can only carry one item at a time, but they are much faster than manual stackers, and are not easy to be tired or injured.

Advantage of automated palletizing

Automatic palletizing equipment has a direct impact on material handling. Combined with automation, the whole handling process is faster and more efficient than ever before. When you use packing and palletizing equipment in the facility to realize process automation, you will experience the following benefits:

Less damage: compared with manual handling, the palletizing robot is easier to operate, and the transportation is more accurate and accurate, so they can minimize the risk of product damage due to falling.

Efficient production: set the automatic stacking operation mode and predict the production volume. You can calculate exactly how many cycles the machine can run per minute. Under normal operation, it is not necessary to consider the impact of machine interruption on productivity.

Improve the safety of operators: workplace injuries are usually caused by repetitive movements, weight lifting, and manual stacking and unloading. The stacking system eliminates the risk of damage and reduces the risk of industrial injury by replacing workers in dangerous situations.

Rapid turnover: the stacking equipment simplifies the loading and unloading process, thus improving the transportation efficiency and turnover speed.

Small floor area: it is conducive to the layout of the production line in the customer’s workshop, and can leave a large warehouse area. The stacking robot can be set in a narrow space and can be used effectively.

The automatic palletizing machine provides higher production efficiency for modern production. Stacking machines are widely used in the stacking industry. The palletizing robot greatly saves labor and space. The stacking robot operates flexibly and accurately, quickly and efficiently, with high stability and high efficiency.

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