High-inclination belt conveyor is a continuous operation transportation equipment, mainly used to transport a large amount of bulk cargo in heavy industry sectors such as metallurgy, mining, electric power, building materials and transportation, such as mines, coal, gravel, etc. The high-inclination belt conveyor is an ideal transportation equipment for coal mines. Here is an introduction to the advantages of the large-inclination belt conveyor.

Compared with other transportation equipment, the large inclination belt conveyor not only has the advantages of long-distance and continuous transportation, but also has reliable operation, easy automation and centralized control. The emergence of long-distance, large-capacity, and large-angle belt conveyors has further promoted its application in underground tunnels, mine surface conveying systems, open-pit mines and thickening plants.

 Ordinary belt conveyors are limited by the coefficient of friction between the material and the conveyor belt. The inclination of the conveying material should not be too large, and the inclination angle can only reach 18 to 20 degrees. Methods to increase the inclination of the conveyor include deep trough groups, round tube conveyors, large inclination belt conveyors and patterned conveyor belt conveyors. Corrugated belt conveyors are an important form of conveying materials at large inclination angles.

The high-inclination belt conveyor is a continuous conveyor, which is one of the main types of fixed or transportation lifting conveyors. It is characterized by continuous material flow between the loading point and the loading point. Depending on the continuous material, the overall movement of the fluid completes the transfer of the fluid from the loading point to the unloading point.

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