Automatic storage and retrieval system is usually called AS/RS or ASRS, which is mainly controlled by computer system. The use of automatic storage and retrieval system can complete the movement of goods in the turntable faster and more efficiently.

The following will take you to understand what an automated storage and retrieval system is and its classification.

What is Automated storage and retrieval system?

Automatic retrieval and storage system is mainly a component of computer control system, which can accurately and quickly retrieve and store materials according to requirements.

Automatic retrieval and storage system can store and retrieve materials efficiently in a compact space. It is widely used in warehouses.

The load can move freely at the loading and unloading points.

Different types of automated storage and retrieval system?

Utomated storage and retrieval systemis mainly used for automatic load transportation. According to the application requirements of the warehouse, there are different types of ASRS. Each type of system will automatically complete the storage of materials, which can effectively improve the retrieval time of materials.

The following is an introduction to ASRS categories.

Unit load ASRS: mainly used for materials weighing thousands of pounds, such as pallets. Generally, fixed channel and mobile channel cranes are used, which belong to heavy load.

Small load ASRS: The load of small load is generally below 1000 pounds

Vertical turntable ASRS: similar to the merry go round, it is equipped with a series of shelves or pallets for high-density storage and maximum use of storage space.

Vertical lifting module ASRS: The vertical lifting module is referred to as VLM, which is a closed system, mainly composed of two rows of pallets, with inserters and extractors installed in the center of the pallet. Helps to retrieve and store items in pallets.

Shuttle ASRS: Shuttle is used to automatically handle turnover boxes, pallets, cartons or the three in the same system – for warehousing or manufacturing.

Cube based storage ASRS: ultra-high density goods to people picking system, which uses robots to store and retrieve inventory boxes from the cube storage grid.

Horizontal turntable ASRS: mainly used for sorting small pieces and parts. The horizontal turntable is composed of a series of boxes that rotate horizontally around the track.

What are the advantages of automated storage and retrieval systems?

Automated storage and retrieval systems have the following advantages

  • l Improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity
  • l Reduce labor costs and labor risks
  • l Small floor area, improving space utilization
  • l Enhance product safety
  • l Provide storage density as high as possible

How do I use the automated storage and inspection system?

Automated storage and retrieval systems are used in various areas to support processing and picking throughout the facility:

  • l Order picking: retrieve the required inventory and present it to the picker
  • l Storage: provide intensive long-term buffer for small or large projects moving at medium speed
  • l Supporting: provide an area to group components for assembly
  • l Consolidation: Provide a dynamic area to store parts and articles until all parts of the order can be consolidated for shipment. Typically used for consumer, B2B, and store orders.
  • l Assembly: storing workpiece components for future production
  • l Production: storage of tools and parts used in the manufacturing process
  • l Replenishment: store excess inventory to supplement the inventory of the auxiliary picking system
  • l Security: provide a closed storage environment with software access control
  • l Retail: provide a large number of parts and articles at the customer service desk. Let employees stand in front of customers instead of walking and searching in the back room.

Application of automatic storage and retrieval system?

Automatic storage and retrieval system are mainly used in automobile, food, electronic products, manufacturing, warehouse distribution and many other industries.

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