(1)     Analysis of the cause of rupture

The belt exerts a large pressure on the drum. Under long-term high pressure, it is easy to break the drum. The cracks are often irregularly cracked from the welded web on one side to the welded web on the other side. The main reasons for the rupture: First, the belt tension is large, because the tension is large, the traction is large, and the conveyor always hopes to increase the tension to achieve the purpose in order to improve the transmission capacity. This will inevitably increase the pressure of the roller. In addition, As the rotation speed increases, the torque acting on the drum will also increase, which will cause the drum and its parts to bend and deform, and the bad downhole environment will cause the drum to crack; the second is that the drum itself is not strong enough, and the selected steel plate is not good or the steel plate is not good enough. Insufficient thickness can also cause cracks; third, poor welding technology and poor welding quality can also cause cracks. Because the structure of the drum is inseparable from welding, welding stress will be generated during the operation. If it is not handled well, cracks will appear in the welding place quickly under the action of pressure.

(2)     Several factors affecting the rupture of the drum

The wear of the drum results in low strength, and it is also easy to crack the drum. The main influencing factors are: ①The influence of dirt on wear. The wear caused by coal dust and dirt on the surface of the belt and drum is a typical abrasive wear. That is to say, the wear caused by these fragments often produces special chips and forms pits on the surface of the damaged roller. At the same time, due to surface impact, fatigue effects appear. In addition, due to the chemical action of liquid or gaseous media, especially the action of high temperature, the abrasion is aggravated, which makes the strength of the drum lower; ②The influence of the wrap angle on the abrasion. Increasing the wrapping angle will increase the traction on the surface of the drum and reduce wear, but the wrapping angle is not easy to be too large, otherwise it will increase the bending fatigue damage of the tape; ③The influence of friction coefficient on wear. Increasing the coefficient of friction is the best way to reduce wear. At present, people are trying to find materials with high friction coefficient, stable performance, wear resistance, and high specific pressure as the liner of the roller.

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