Bulk material equipment includes mobile ship loader, ship unloader, container turnover system, belt conveyor, etc. It is widely used in cargo transportation of port ships, reducing manual labor and improving loading and unloading efficiency.

What do you know about the suppliers of bulk materials and equipment?

Here are the top eight suppliers in Singapore and relevant suggestions.



Vigan is the bulk material equipment supplier of the port, providing solutions for bulk products, mainly including pneumatic unloader, mechanical unloader, ship loader, etc.

Vigan project management aims to achieve a flexible and proactive approach. The company focuses on personal relationships with customers and has created the most suitable solutions.

The technical team is also constantly developing and predicting customer needs, providing the highest quality components and the latest generation of manufacturing technology. Not only that, but also provide reliable after-sales service and local support for the operation of our equipment worldwide.

The company has advanced equipment, but its products are relatively expensive. If you need advanced equipment, you can choose this company.


ship loader

NAR automation is one of the famous suppliers of bulk material equipment in Singapore. Its main products include belt conveyor, mobile ship loader, container turnover system, ship unloader, etc. it is widely used in port cargo loading and unloading, warehouse truck loading and unloading, ore loading and unloading and other industries.

NAR has many years of manufacturing experience, constantly understands customer needs, updates the company’s technology and meets the product needs of different customers.

The company has skilled technicians to provide customers with one-stop service from product analysis to manufacturing. In addition, the company will regularly return to customers’ product use status and put forward relevant use suggestions or maintenance services.

This company has a wide range of products, guaranteed product quality and high cost performance,we recommend this company.


ship loader

Jumbo is a supplier of bulk materials equipment for marine transportation and installation. It develops pioneering solutions for marine transportation.

The company’s philosophy is that engineering, safety awareness and environmental protection are at the forefront of reliable operation. Jumbo makes every effort to provide its customers with the best service and continuously improve security and cost-effectiveness.

The company has technicians from different disciplines so that it can provide relevant services for different markets. For the transportation of heavy goods, carefully plan to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods.

This company focuses on ocean transportation. If you are in other industries, this company is not suitable for you.



Enerpac is a supplier of bulk material equipment and is famous for its reliable quality and excellent accuracy. Provide customers with a wide range of advanced industrial equipment and services. The company’s technical personnel constantly understand the needs of customers, ensure that they can respond to the needs of customers at the first time, improve efficiency and produce cost-effective products for our customers.

It has a number of factories to provide Enerpac product operators and maintenance personnel with training in the use and maintenance of high-pressure hydraulic tools to support standard products, design customized products for unique applications and develop solutions.

The company’s service is worth experiencing, and the quality of a single product cannot be guaranteed.


ship equipment

FLSmidth is a manufacturer of bulk material equipment, mainly providing services for mining, port and wharf industries. Its products are inventory stacker reclaimer, pneumatic mixing system, pipeline conveyor, open truck automatic loader and truck loading and unloading. 

The company has a skilled team to continuously meet customer needs and improve infrastructure to help customers improve performance, reduce costs and reduce impact on the environment.

The company provides customers with from single products and services to complete production lines, predictive maintenance of customer equipment, development of appropriate product solutions and reduction of pollution emissions. In addition to providing warranty for each equipment, the equipment is bundled to provide solution and even performance guarantee for the complete equipment. If you need environmentally friendly equipment, you can choose this company.


bulk equipment

FAM is the manufacturer of bulk material equipment and is certified to the highest quality standards.

The company’s main products include truck loading, truck loading, ship loader, ship unloader, mobile ship loader, etc., which are widely used in mining technology, yard system, loading equipment, transportation facilities and port technology.

The company also provides customers with consulting, planning, design, engineering production, assembly, commissioning and maintenance services.

The company continues to explore the market and provide customers with satisfactory product solutions quickly and efficiently. If you don’t need to consider the capital budget, you can choose this company.


 material equipment

The company is a professional bulk material equipment manufacturers, mainly focusing on warehouse distribution, project logistics, supply chain, etc. The company’s technicians provide innovative and sustainable logistics solutions and make every effort to meet the needs of customers.

The company strives to have a positive impact on the world around us by realizing sustainable logistics, focusing on the zero carbon plan and protecting the environment.

Establish an efficient supply chain, realize comprehensive visibility and control of delivery through our intuitive platform, and ensure that customers receive satisfactory products.

To develop new and tailored solutions, work closely with industry and companies and use the latest technology. If you don’t need to consider the capital budget, you can choose this company.


bulk material equipment

Liebherr is one of the famous bulk material equipment manufacturers and is a family business.

 The company has a diversified product portfolio, continuous communication and innovation between various departments, the introduction of new technology, and is committed to meeting the needs of different industries.

The company’s main products include mobile cranes, telescopic truck cranes, offshore cranes, material handling technology, crawler cranes, etc. The company attaches importance to the rapid response to customers, constantly innovates technology, provides solutions, and strives to find appropriate solutions for customers.

Through the above brief introduction and relevant suggestions to eight famous bulk material equipment suppliers in Singapore, we hope to help you in selecting relevant products.

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