Container turnover machine is a special equipment designed and manufactured for the loading and unloading of bulk materials in the process of container transportation.

Use containers at the terminal to transport materials to the destination or unload materials.

Container plays a key role in the supply chain connecting the port and the inland. When the goods arrive at the container terminal, they will be distributed to inland customers in various ways, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency.

1.what is container turnover machine?

Container turnover machine

Container turnover machine system is designed for domestic bulk cargo loading and unloading. The container is inverted on the ground through the equipment, and then the goods are directly transported to the container through the conveyor belt.

The container turnover equipment can meet the requirements of container turnover of different specifications.

The container turnover equipment can realize the turnover of 90 degrees and 180 degrees. It has a simple hydraulic adjustment control state.

The loading process is very perfect, and one person can complete the operation. However, it can only be used on a flat, hardened and pothole free site.

The machine can move goods to any designated position quickly and efficiently. It will not only improve productivity, but also make effective use of the scale in the container to create an efficient and installed transportation operation.

2. Classification of containers:

Container turnover machine is a bulk material unloading device, including conventional angle unloading machine, multi-functional unloading machine and automatic unloading machine.

Conventional angle unloaders:

Conventional angle unloaders are often used for unloading bulk materials with good scattering properties such as grain and oil, feed, water, chemical industry and coal.

  • The unloading machine adopts mechanical self synchronization system, which can ensure that the unloading machine will not have safety accidents even in bad conditions of oil cylinder.
  • High power cooling system is adopted to ensure the service life of hydraulic oil and reduce the service cost of equipment.
  • The oil pump adopts imported configuration, with low failure rate and long service life
  • The oil cylinder seals are fully imported, with less faults and long service life;
  • All hydraulic systems and components shall be cleaned and tested by special equipment before assembly. Long term use, no blockage, no oil leakage, stable operation.
  • The front foundation design is adopted for the unloading machine foundation, and the foundation cost is reduced by more than half.

Multifunctional unloading machine:

Multifunctional container unloader is a container unloader that can realize both loading and unloading.

When working, the machine can automatically separate the container from the trailer carriage without the help of other devices, automatically open or close the box door, and set the automatic metering function, which has the advantages of high degree of automation, complete functions, convenient operation .

  • The unloading machine is widely used in grain, chemical, food, port and wharf industries, especially for container packing.
  • The unloading machine system adopts PLC control and remote control operation, which can realize the automatic separation of container and trailer, and the operation is simpler and more reliable.
  • It can meet large angle unloading and loading, and is widely used.
  • The main components of the hydraulic system are advanced products. All hydraulic systems and components are cleaned and tested by special equipment before assembly. Long term use will not block or leak oil, and the operation is more stable.

Automatic unloading machine:

The automatic unloader realizes full-automatic bulk unloading, which can be monitored by the operator. It has high safety performance and is widely used in iron and steel, grain and oil, feed, coal and other industries.

  • Fully automatic bulk material unloading, less workload of the operator, and all unloading processes can be completed only in the operation room. The automatic unloader is suitable for unloading operations in harsh environments such as high, low temperature and dust, especially for bulk materials with poor fluidity.
  • Less equipment investment, high degree of automation, and greatly reduce the unloading cost.
  • The hydraulic system adopts advanced products with less faults and long service life; All hydraulic systems and components shall be cleaned and tested by special equipment before assembly. No blockage and oil leakage after long-term use, and the operation is more stable.
  • The whole machine is controlled by PLC and operated by wireless remote control. One person can complete the operation.

3.Advantages brought by container turnover system

  • The container can be tilted at a large angle to load and unload the materials in the container as soon as possible, so as to eliminate the waiting cost of trucks
  • The container is full of materials without space, which increases the transportation volume and reduces the freight cost
  • Reduce the requirements of storage yard space, which is suitable for large-scale production
  • Simple hydraulic system is adopted with low noise and large lifting capacity to ensure minimum maintenance and maintenance cost
  • Using PLC control, only one person can complete the operation, which can reduce the labor cost.

4.Operation and maintenance of hydraulic flap unloader

Unloading machines are widely used in all kinds of warehouses and processing plants to unload sand, plastic, grain, coal, feed, etc. It is also suitable for chemical industry and metallurgy.

The hydraulic turnover unloading machine can unload automatically, which is convenient and fast, and improves the work efficiency to a great extent.

In order to effectively ensure its normal operation, we should maintain it regularly in order to prolong the service life of the equipment. The following are specific measures:

  • Check the cooling water level of the diesel engine. If the water is insufficient, add it in time. In addition, drain the cooling water after use in cold areas in winter.
  • Regularly check the fuel oil and lubricating oil of diesel engine, and add them in time if they are insufficient.
  • Check whether the battery power is normal. If the power is insufficient, charge it in time.
  • After the operation of the machine, regularly check the cleanliness of the unit surface, remove dust and oil, and ensure the cleanliness of the equipment.
  • Regularly check the service status of each component, and timely adjust if there is any problem

Container turnover system brings great convenience for material handling.

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