The use of conveyor system is increasing year by year, which is of great significance to factories in the new era. The conveyor continuously moves materials from one end to the other. Different types of conveyors can be selected according to the characteristics of the transported materials.

A growing number of factories give up manpower and choose machinery instead, so as to improve production efficiency. So what are the belt conveyor manufacturing companies worth choosing?

This article mainly introduces the company’s product field and service purpose. Through this article, you will learn about the top eight belt conveyor manufacturing companies in Singapore. I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Feige

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Feige is a conveyor belt manufacturing company established in 1998, which is ahead of other ordinary support filling machine manufacturers.

The company’s main products include pallet conveying system, conveying system, bagging system, palletizing system and drum filling system, which are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, food, paint, paint and logistics suppliers.

Quickly respond to customer needs and provide equipment services at any time to continuously expand the market. Understand customer needs and provide reasonable mechanical scheme.

Through the demand for users’ products, we will also provide customers with assembly parts. For the allocation of customers’ products, the company will provide supporting after-sales service, which has reached the maximum satisfaction of customers.

The company attaches great importance to customer service, but the price is expensive. If you don’t need to consider the budget, you can choose this company.


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NAR automation engineering company is one of the most famous conveyor manufacturing companies in Singapore. It is a professional conveyor manufacturer, established in 1997.

Thanks to its long history, the company’s conveying equipment is trustworthy. NAR provides different types of conveyors, including different belt conveyors, ship loaders and unloaders, intelligent logistics systems and other automatic conveying equipment.

NAR provides customized belt recommendations to ensure that your belt meets the requirements of the conveyor, and each belt recommendation is backed by the company’s performance guarantee.

In the past 23 years, the company has been committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective products. Will regularly visit the use situation and provide after-sales service for customers. This company’s products are widely used, with guaranteed quality and high cost performance, which is recommended.


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ULMECA mainly produces rollers, idlers, pulleys and electric pulleys, which are widely used in mining and quarries, coal, steel, power plants, food and beverage processing and other industries.

ULMECA is committed to continuously innovating and developing products, the strategic goal of long-term development of the organization, and establishing long-term trust and development relationship with customers.

The company has a skilled team to respond to customers at any time, provide customers with technical services and design satisfactory product solutions.If you need products urgently, you can choose this company.


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BEUMERGROUP, with 4500 employees, is a large conveyor manufacturing company, specializing in providing customers with solutions such as palletizing technology, logistics system technology, port technology, packaging technology, storage technology, baggage handling technology, loading technology and so on.

In order to ensure that customers can obtain reliable solutions, the company will regularly train technicians to ensure that technicians are qualified. The company continues to innovate technical products and provide customers with the most advanced product and technical solutions.

Technical service personnel are ready to provide customers with a series of scheme suggestions and respond to customers to the greatest extent. If you need new product technology, you can choose this company.

5. Caterpillar Inc

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Since its establishment, caterpillar Inc has continuously improved its production system and become one of the famous conveyor manufacturers in Singapore.

The company mainly provides machines, engines, components, services and solutions, which are widely used in construction, mining equipment, natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and other related equipment. The conveyor company constantly innovates products and service technology and combines with multiple brands to meet the unique needs of customers.

The conveyor manufacturer have a mature technical team to provide customers with reasonable product solutions, develop growth partners with customers . The quality of the company is guaranteed, but some of its products will be produced by other manufacturers.The quality of the company is guaranteed, but some of its products will be produced by other manufacturers.


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Barron takes safety, quality, integrity, respect and customer service as the main core of the company. Provide customers with professional technical services in material handling and manufacturing equipment.

The main products include conveying system, food conveyors, scrap conveyors, gravity conveyors, powered conveyors. The company has a high-quality team. They will take the home atmosphere as the core to serve customers, and are committed to allowing customers to experience different services from ordering to installation, and establish a long-term development relationship with customers.

The conveyor company will cooperate with different types of customers and learn from each other to meet other needs of customers. In addition, the company will still provide high-quality after-sales service. The service of this company is a good choice.


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TUKU-SINGAPORE Ltd is a conveyor manufacturing company of overhead conveying system. Its main products include storage conveyor, sorting conveyor, order assembly conveyor, etc. it is widely used in industrial automation processing, logistics, hotel transportation and other related industries.

The company has a deep understanding of relevant industries and is ready to provide customers with high-quality solutions. The company’s team continues to innovate and develop, aiming to provide customers with advanced technology and high-level availability products, and provide comprehensive technical services before and after installation.

Always regard customer satisfaction as the first priority of the company. If you don’t need an overhead transportation system, this company is not for you


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Packlines was founded in 2007 as a conveyor manufacturer company to provide storage and automation solutions for different industries, including automation systems and packaging systems.

The conveyor company constantly understands the needs of customers, explores and seeks the best quality solutions, and provides customers with one-stop service. And the company’s team will continue to innovate technical design solutions to meet customers’ needs for market changes.

The company aims to improve productivity and better return on investment, maintain a strong relationship with customers, and provide economical and reliable products and services. It is also crucial for the company to produce environmentally friendly products. If you attach great importance to environmental protection, this company is more suitable for you.

Through the above introduction to each conveyor manufacturing companies and personal suggestions, I hope it will be helpful for you to choose a conveyor company.

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