The cosmetics industry is constantly improving its manufacturing capacity and transportation capacity. Conveyor solutions are the only way to achieve this goal, upgrading conveyors to ensure flexibility in warehouse processes and productivity.

The utility model relates to a conveyor for cosmetics production, which relates to a material conveying device, in particular to a belt conveying device. Like many manufacturing industries, cosmetics and related industries rely on material solutions.

The cosmetics industry has unique needs and applications, providing transportation solutions with high flexibility for the cosmetics industry. The following four points help you choose the conveying system.

  • Understand the warehouse

When using conveyors, how they are laid out is a crucial step. The first step is to understand the warehouse layout planning, consider the utilization rate of the warehouse, and select the appropriate conveyor type for installation, such as inclined, spiral or vertical.

In many cases, the installed conveyors cannot achieve the best working efficiency if they are not installed according to the best layout. Therefore, reasonable installation of conveyor system is very important.

Determining the appropriate conveyor type is complex. For example, gravity descending conveyor is not suitable for conveying fragile products

  • End to end manufacturing and transportation

At present, most cosmetic manufacturers are engaged in end-to-end manufacturing and transportation, realizing one-stop transportation service, that is, completing the manufacturing and transportation of each part of the product without the participation of a third party.

Because of this, the cosmetics manufacturing warehouse enables multiple systems to work together to complete end-to-end product transportation. Therefore, reasonable planning of warehouse space is essential to fully improve the utilization of products.

You need to select the appropriate type of conveyor for your warehouse transportation, and the following should be paid attention to:

The bearing surface of the conveyor needs to be smooth and closed to provide maximum stability for small cosmetics and prevent them from slipping or getting stuck in cracks. For the same reason, your conveyor should also have as little transmission clearance as possible.

  • Reasonable sorting

Due to the diversity of cosmetics, non-standard cosmetics products, such as fragile products and small products, need to be considered. In the cosmetics industry, fragile objects and small products not only need to choose the appropriate conveyor type, but also need to equip the conveying system with appropriate accessories to ensure that the entire conveying system realizes the automatic process.

In conveyor transportation, rapid and accurate sorting is the key to handling cosmetics. To this end, enterprises will need to study various conveyor products (such as switches, thrusters and sorters) and equip more appropriate accessories to meet the demand.

These products can automate these usually labor-intensive processes with accurate accuracy, ensure that human errors are eliminated and product integrity is maintained, which can greatly improve labor productivity.

  • Consider efficient cleaning

A number of different industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverage, and cosmetics, require reasonable conveyor solutions to provide additional margin for cleaning. In these industries, conveyors are prone to leave residues, which can lead to production problems. Therefore, sanitation is crucial for these industries.

If these industries fail to meet specific cleaning standards during product transportation, it may bring disaster to enterprises. If product debris and dirt are not cleaned in time, it will not only cause product pollution, but also may damage your equipment or cause accidents in the workplace. All of this leads to costly recalls, repairs, and downtime.

Before and after product transportation, it is necessary to check the status of the conveyor belt, find and clean up residues in time to avoid serious losses.

Each industry has a specific conveyor solution. When choosing the conveyor in the cosmetics industry, the above factors are expected to help you find a more suitable conveyor.

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