The inspection of the conveying system is an indispensable step for you to extend its life. And it is a huge investment for any warehouse to run the conveying system.

Therefore, users who use the conveying system want to ensure that the system can continue to operate normally for many years.

How to prolong the service life of the conveying system? The following will take you through the process of checking the conveyor system, so as to prevent problems before they occur.

Motor running

Motor operation is the first step of all mechanical equipment operation. Therefore, when checking the conveyor, it should start from the motor of the equipment, because if there is no motor in normal operation, the conveyor will not operate.

First ensure that the conveyor motor is correctly installed. Secondly, the noise from the motor is the key to the normal operation of the motor. The sound of normal motor operation will be very clear. If you carefully observe the sound of the motor, you will soon find the problem.

Then check whether the temperature of the motor is stable. In addition, ensure that the motor temperature is stable and will not overheat.

Finally, through frequent inspections, you can be sure that everything is normal.

Drive chain

Another important part of the conveyor is the drive chain. Conveyors without running drive chains will become useless. Therefore, it is necessary to check the drive chain.

Check the tension of the drive chain and adjust it to a suitable tension value. If the tension is too tight or too loose, it may cause more problems during operation.

Then, start to check the drive system for any obvious signs of wear, and add lubricant to its relevant parts to reduce wear between drive chains. However, it is not easy to use too much lubricant, and lubricant accumulation will lead to rust.

Sprockets and belts

The conveying sprocket is a wheel shaped mechanical part with teeth that meshes with the chain. Chain wheel is the key conveyor component connecting the chain and belt of the system. The arrangement of chain drive has a great influence on the service life. Therefore, it is important to check whether the chain drive is parallel.

In order for the conveying system to work properly, all major components must be in a stable state. Check whether the running path of the belt is normal, clean the material scattered on the belt, and test its tension. Detecting and correcting any abnormal conditions can prevent production from stopping and prolong the service life of the conveying system.


The sound detector is used to detect the rolling sound of the bearing, and the abnormal sound is damage. The vibration of the bearing is also very important. It can be judged whether the bearing is normal by the size of the vibration.

In addition, use a thermal sensor to check whether the temperature of the bearing is stable during operation, and ensure that the temperature is within a certain range to avoid accidents.

Finally, check the wear of the bearing and add lubricating oil to the bearing components in time. However, it is not easy to use too much lubricant, and lubricant accumulation will lead to rust.

Safety is guaranteed

Ensure that every detail of the inspection is successfully completed, and then ensure that the staff are in a safe working environment.Then check and confirm that the safety protection and emergency stop functions of the machine and equipment are normal.In addition, confirm whether the bolts are tightened correctly to prevent loose bolts from falling off.

In the use of the conveyor system, it is necessary to understand the inspection process of the conveyor system. You can learn more about the conveyor system inspection process through this content.

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