Conveying equipment continuously moves materials from one end to the other. It is widely used in many industries, and its growth rate is also very fast. It is understood that the transportation equipment industry is growing at a rate of 3.5% year by year. It is expected that the global value of the transportation industry will reach about US $60 billion by 2025. With the development of industry, factories have realized that automation is the future.

How to select the appropriate conveying system manufacturer? This passage introduces the top 8 conveying system manufacturers in Malaysia.


CBR company is a conveyor manufacturing company. Its main products include conveyor belt design, PVC conveyor belt, conveyor belt drum and conveyor belt components. The belt adopts special high-strength polyester fabric and is widely used in chemical, agricultural, electronic, food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging and other industries.

The company is committed to innovation, improving product design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and providing a favorable and safe environment for employees.

Understand customer needs and develop a series of product solutions for customers. All products of the company can be customized according to customer requirements.

The delivery time of the company is punctual, reliable and trustworthy. If you are in urgent need of your own products, there is nothing wrong with choosing this company.


Nar Automation Engineering is one of the famous conveyor manufacturers in Malaysia. Founded in 1997, it is a professional manufacturer of conveying system. Each product can be customized according to the needs of customers. NAR’s equipment is trustworthy.

The company provides different types of conveying equipment, including automatic conveying system, intelligent logistics system, weighing system, dust removal system, shipping system, etc., which are widely used in port loading and unloading, mining, feed, grain and oil and other related industries.

NAR has established a series of transfer mechanisms from incoming material inspection, production, installation and commissioning to after-sales tracking.

The company has a team with more than 20 years of production experience to continuously optimize the design scheme, quickly respond to customer needs and ensure that each product can achieve customer satisfaction.

The company will also make regular telephone return visits to understand the use of products and put forward improvement details. The company is committed to providing customers with cost-effective products, which is highly recommended by the company.


ForMyRobot was founded in 2001. Its main products include food conveyor, belt conveyor, roller conveyor, chain conveyor and screw conveyor. It is widely used in chemistry, agriculture, electronics, aerospace, computer, food processing, pharmacy, printing, finishing and packaging, bottling and canning, and automobile industry.

The company has a technically mature team to understand customer needs and provide solutions. The company continues to innovate new technologies and optimize solutions, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality products to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The company focuses on high efficiency and product quality, and carries out business fairly . If you don’t need to consider the capital budget, you can choose this company.


LAU ENGINEERING AND AUTOMATION CONTROL is a manufacturer of conveying system. Its main products include feed conveying system, mobile crane production, metal processing and other products.

The company firmly believes that reputation is the key to success and must maintain respect for customers. The company develops and innovates to provide a wide range of project solutions for any industry.

The company has a technical professional team to provide customers with well-designed overall solutions quickly and accurately. In order to meet the personalized needs of large and small customers, the company continues to improve its technical solutions.

Committed to providing customers with high-quality products and efficient after-sales service. If you value the company’s service, this company will be your best choice.


CBS company is mainly engaged in conveyor belts in the direction of material handling. Its main products include conveyor accessories, conveyor belt system inspection, rollers, fabric steel wire rope conveyor belts and other products, which are widely used in power plants, cement plants, steel plants and other related industries.

The company has professional technology to ensure that the conveyor belt provided is reliable, understand customers’ needs, and ensure to complete customers’ products in the shortest time. The company will also provide preventive maintenance services for customers’ products and jointly maintain the expected life of products with customers.

Some of the company’s products come from other manufacturers. If you need products from one manufacturer, this company is not suitable for you.


DNS company is a manufacturer focusing on automation equipment. It has established a mature management system and advanced technology to provide innovative industrial equipment for various industries.

The company’s main solutions include automatic bagging technology, automatic cartoning technology, automatic palletizing technology, conveyor production line and customized automatic machines, which are widely used in automobile, chemical industry, food and beverage, feed plant, natural gas and other industries.

The company has a skilled team, committed to taking customers as friends, understanding all customers’ needs and providing them with the best automation services. If you are a customer in other industries, this company is not suitable for you.


Founded in 1987, RMK is a manufacturer of bulk cargo handling conveyor belt. The main products are conveyor belts, roller products, pulleys and other related products, which are widely used in electronics, food processing, medicine, chemical industry, bottling and other industries.

Committed to product quality, pursue innovation and meet customer needs. The company has an experienced team, pays attention to product reliability and production efficiency, and provides customers with complete manufacturing services and the fastest delivery time.

The company can customize the conveyor belt according to customers and provide installation assistance or transformation services. The price of the company’s products is higher, which is suitable for richer customers.


BEQ’s main products include conveyor belts, customized belts and other related products. It not only provides PVC, PU, raw cloth, PE and other related materials, but also provides supporting products, including mechanical fasteners, overtime, glue, foil, etc.

Its products are widely used in food industry, packaging industry, logistics, industrial production, textile industry and other related industries. The company is completely customer-centered and constantly improves technology, which not only provides high-quality transportation solutions for various industries.

Committed to the long-term relationship with customers and providing customers with customized solutions. Quickly respond to customer needs, accurately provide customer solutions and ensure on-time delivery. First class delivery time, but the price is expensive.

This paper briefly introduces the development trend of conveying system. The article contains the product types of each company and the services that its company can provide. I hope the introduction of this article to each company can be helpful to you in selecting transportation manufacturers.

For more information about conveyor manufacturers, please pay more attention.

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