The conveyor system can reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency, and play an important role in various industries. The utilization of conveyors is growing very fast and is expected to continue to grow. How to choose the right conveyor system manufacturer is very important.

The following is an introduction to the eight conveyor system manufacturers.

1. Miou – conveyor belt

Miou is a conveyor system manufacturer with more than 200 employees. The company has passed ISO9001 quality certification and strictly requires the packaging and after-sales of each export product. It has its own production base to provide free samples for each user and realize the integration of production and marketing.

The diversity of products customized by the company, including light transportation, food delivery, sports and fitness, logistics and transportation, and wood processing industries . For quality, processing and service, the company always provides customers with a comfortable experience .But the product price is relatively high, suitable for wealthy users.

2. NAR

NAR Automation Engineering (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. was established in 1997,  specializes in the production of conveying systems, which mainly include material transfer systems, screw conveyors, scraper conveyors, bucket elevators, and belt conveyors. The products are widely used in grain and oil, feed, chemical fertilizer, mining, port, power plant and many other industries.

The company has a team with 24 years of production experience, which is committed to producing high-quality products, improving product flexibility, constantly optimizing design schemes to meet users’ needs for conveying equipment. The company not only provides customers with a series of complete services such as design, production, installation, commissioning, training, and maintenance, as well as round-the-clock after-sales service. Make regular return visits to feed back the details of product improvement and improve customer satisfaction.

 The company can not only complete customization according to customer requirements, but also its product quality is guaranteed and easy to maintain. And its cost performance is also worth choosing.

3. MK North America

Founded in 1988, MK has passed ISO certification and is committed to innovating products with unique modular design. It plays a leading role in the transportation system industry. The company’s product diversity, from packaging to printing, food and beverage processing, transportation and manufacturing, can help almost any industrial handling. And  the company’s main products are belt conveyor, pallet handling conveyor, sanitary stainless steel conveyor and customized frame system.

The company has a team with mature technology to provide customers with high-quality transportation solutions, and to ensure that customers can get first-class service before, during and after each sale, so as to improve the transaction rate of the company. First class delivery on time, this company is suitable for users who choose quality services.


CONOVEY is a conveyor system manufacturer with 25,000 square feet, committed to providing and installing high-quality conveyors and food systems as well as installation and maintenance  services . In order to meet the production needs of customers, it is equipped with a complete range of high-quality conveyors and component machines.

The company always aims to provide customers with professional services and fast response time, and does its best in the overall delivery. The company’s main products are palletizers, screw conveyor systems, QC conveyors, and Dorner conveyors. But its products are mainly suitable for the food industry. If you are in other industries, CONOVEY is not for you.


EPNUO provides a full range of processing equipment for various conveyor belts, and provides various conveyor belt joints, maintenance, manufacturing and research services. With more than 20 years of professional production experience, EPNUO provides more convenient and high-quality products and pays more attention to customers’ demand for product quality.

The company develops different types of products, including pvc / pu conveyors, conveyor belts, transmission belts, belt splicing machines, and belt vulcanizing machines. It is mainly used for splicing and repairing conveyor belts in mining, port, wharf, food and other industries. The quality of the company’s products is very guaranteed and is a good choice.


FMH CONVEYORS is a conveyor system manufacturer, which mainly designs, manufactures and supplies products and services for truck loading and unloading applications, which can improve truck transportation efficiency even in harsh environments. The company not only has professional knowledge and resources, but also will combine global resources to improve product design and configuration, provide customers with reasonable solutions and improve productivity.

The company’s main products are flexible conveyors, telescopic conveyors, loaders and mobile reconfigurable conveyors, which are more suitable for truck loading and unloading. This company’s products are mainly suitable for truck loading and unloading. If you need conveying equipment in other industries, this company is not suitable for you.


TITAN CONVEYORS is a conveyor custom manufacturer with professional and mature engineers. It is committed to understanding customers’ needs and providing customers with products with reliable operation, higher efficiency and low maintenance cost. Using all welding technology and high-quality manufacturing components, the company can meet a variety of customized needs and provide product drawings. The company’s main products include electric roller conveyor, power roller conveyor, chain drive roller conveyor and various types of belt driven power roller conveyor.

The conveyor system manufacturer’s on-time delivery performance and delivery performance are trustworthy.


UPM CONVEYORS provides a full range of conveying equipment, which can be a simple small horizontal device or a large customized conveying system with PLC control. The company’s main products include roller conveyor, stainless steel conveyor, combined conveyor system, video recognition conveyor, etc., which are widely used in packaging industry and food industry.

The company has a well-equipped and well-trained team to deeply understand the specifications of various products. From design to installation and debugging, provide customers with personalized services and establish cooperative trade relations with customers.

Conveyor is very important for various industries. The above is a brief introduction to relevant manufacturers. Each conveyor system manufacturer has its own uniqueness. Whether you are pursuing quality, price, service or cost performance, through the above introduction, I believe you have selected a more suitable manufacturer according to your own needs.

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