With the explosive growth of e-commerce, the process of parcel sorting and delivery is more complex than ever before. The volume of packages processed increases every day, and packages may have different sizes, shapes, weights and other characteristics, increasing errors in the logistics process. In order to improve accuracy and remain competitive in the market, companies must optimize their logistics processes and implementation systems, such as DWS machine.

What is the dynamic DWS machine?

Dynamic DWS system is the most accurate solution to obtain all specific package data. The DWS machine can accurately measure the size and weight, and automatically scan the barcode of the package. When the information is collected, it will be used to associate with the ID of the package, so it can help to store the package in a designated location, transport it for delivery, or sort it using a sorter.

Dynamic weighing not only can shorten operation time, improve operation conditions, but also improve production efficiency and strengthen enterprise management. So as to promote the automation of industrial production and the modernization of management.

Dynamic weighing is mostly involved in assembly line production, food processing, pharmaceutical production, production measurement, transportation and so on.

What are the functions of dynamic DWS system?

  • code reading, weight weighing and volume three in one
  • real time processing and feedback of package information
  • static cubes and size measurement systems for conventional and special-shaped items, such as boxes, bags, clothing, spare parts, long tubes, bottles, jewelry.
  • dynamic / dynamic cube and size measurement system for conveying, scanning, weighing, labeling and sorting mobile items.
  • software with user-friendly interface, which is used to collect, verify and transmit data to various types of host systems and databases.
  • hardware and software can be customized according to your requirements

What are the advantages of DWS machine?

  • Fewer errors

Through its integrated measurement system, it significantly reduces the risk of errors and improves accuracy

  • Higher efficiency

Improve efficiency through automated processes

  • Buy time

This solution saves time by optimizing your logistics processes

  • Rapid return on investment

DWS is easy to install and cost effective

What are the types of dynamic DWS equipment?

Dynamic weighing scale suitable for small and medium-sized packages: suitable for small packages, mail, etc. The product weight is less than 15 kg and the transportation speed is less than 1.2 m / s.

Dynamic weighing double scales for large and medium-sized packages: multi-scale single interval scale double scale array can work independently or in series. Smaller packages are automatically operated on an independent scale. This allows two smaller packages to be weighed at the same time, while extra long packages are weighed by two dynamic weighing scales working in series.

Dynamic weighing system in internal logistics

Logistics is to move the required package from point a to point B. “Logistics technology” refers to the effective transportation of packages from the terminal to the manufacturing point.

As with logistics, obtaining package weight and size information quickly and accurately is very important for internal logistics. The dynamic weighing scale and package size measurement system dynamically captures the package weight and size information when the package passes through, and combines this information with the package label information.

The control system uses this combination of package information to store the package in the best location for future use and transportation, or to immediately move the package to a place needed inside or outside the facility. Dynamic weighing technology and package size system provide key weight and package size information required by any internal logistics system to maximize organizational efficiency and profitability.

How to use dynamic DWS equipment?

Gently place the package to be tested on the conveyor belt of the instrument (it can be placed at will, or objects with irregular shapes)

When the package is automatically transferred to the area to be tested, the instrument will automatically identify the object and automatically measure the replacement volume, weight, bar code and other information. And display the measurement results on the display. Users can choose to save or upload.

Automatic weighing equipment is an important equipment used to detect products in automatic production line. It is of great help to enterprises with high production efficiency in assembly line operation. It can quickly detect the weight of products and eliminate defective products, ensure the quality of production line and save labor costs for enterprises.

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