1. Material carry forward

Problem: When a small amount of material adheres to the belt, the conveyor will return. This may cause material to accumulate under the conveyor system or on idler rollers and pulleys. Some materials (such as clay and certain mineral ores) are easier to bring back than others. Although the amount of carryover seems to be negligible, it adds up to tons of material that must be processed again over time. The return of the conveyor also represents a safety and environmental hazard, increases cleaning costs, and often prevents the conveyor system from performing.

Solution: A simple solution is to install a belt cleaner designed to prevent residue. Their upfront cost of capital is offset by many of their benefits. The reduction of escaping materials in Wuxi belt conveyors can save maintenance costs and create a safe working environment. In addition, cleaning the belt can reduce premature roller damage, extend the life of the belt and keep the system running.

2. The belt is damaged

Problem: Belt damage can be caused in many ways, such as excessive impact, incorrect positioning, poor application of the sealing system or cleaner, stuck components, and insufficient traction on the pulley. Because belts are an expensive asset in conveyors, the potential causes of belt problems must be determined and work must be actively carried out to avoid irreparable damage.

Solution: Since there are many ways to damage the belt, there are also many different solutions. For example, the installation of impact idlers or brackets in the loading area can disperse the force of the falling materials, and the belt stretcher manufacturer can reduce the wear of the belt. Make sure to use a proper sealing system to prevent damage from entrained materials. Using a suitable pulley sleeve will increase the friction and prevent the belt from slipping, otherwise it will quickly damage the belt. These solutions can help minimize downtime and are usually determined by conveyor audits. The audit can find minor damage to the belt, and catastrophic failure can be avoided in the long run.

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