Automation logistics systems refers to the use of computer network control system to restrict high-performance related equipment ,such as conveying tools, industrial robots, storage facilities and communication links . In a certain time and space ,formming an organic overall system with specific functions, which can be divided into mechanical automation and information automation.

With the gradual increase of commodity circulation around the world, it has brought great pressure to manufacturers. Choosing automatic logistics can greatly reduce human errors and avoid many subsequent costs.

Through this article, we can understand the development trend of automation solutions, the advantages compared with traditional logistics, and why we choose automated logistics.

What is a automation logistics systems solutions?

Logistics automation is the automation of equipment in the logistics process, and the logistics automation solutions can effectively save money, which can help storage improve conveying efficiency, and the enterprises can work quickly and efficiently.

The key of the automation logistics systems solution in warehouse is to provide a flexible and scalable solution, which is developed together with technology and solution.

Automatic logistics systems solution include automatic conveying system , palletizing robots(stacking  and destacking ), automatic packaging, etc., which use advanced information management system, automatic material storage, sorting and handle equipment to automatically access and sort goods on demand in the warehouse. It is used in many field ,such as warehoursing, wharf, food and so on.

Development trend of intelligent logistics at home

Since the end of the 20th century, the domestic use of conveying equipment has shown a rapid growth trend. With the demand of logistics, various advanced logistics equipment are also emerging. The automation of logistics equipment is also improving. The work efficiency of manual or semi-automatic equipment in the past is very low.

In recent years, with the demand of enterprises for equipment, logistics equipment has made great development in its automation technology, and the work efficiency has been greatly improved. With the demand for the division of labor of conveying equipment, professional automatic logistics equipment continues to emerge to meet the different needs of customers.

Why to choose the logistics automation?

In today’s world, with the development of e-commerce trend, logistics has become an essential part of life. With the continuous emergence of advanced removal and retention equipment, the company needs to simplify the logistics process and improve the logistics efficiency as much as possible.

Automated logistics can not only reduce costs, but also improve production efficiency. Automated logistics has the following characteristics:

  • Effectively reduce operational errors and costs: the use of automated logistics can effectively reduce manual errors and losses.
  • A variety of technologies are available: automatic conveying system, intelligent palletizing and destacking machine;
  • Improve the level of warehouse management: intelligent control and management, and all equipment work automatically and orderly
  • Space saving: the floor area is small, the materials do not stack and interfere with each other, so as to ensure the quality of inventory materials

Comparison between automatic logistics and transmission Logistics

The main characteristics of automated logistics are fast, efficient and reasonable storage of materials and timely and accurate provision of required goods. Compared with traditional logistics, it has the following advantages.

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of production and distribution.

Automatic logistics adopts advanced identification technology and information processing technology to effectively manage materials and the accuracy of their feeding, and can also track the flow direction of goods; The use of automatic sorting technology, bar code and other related technologies has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of sorting and distribution;

Improve space utilization and reduce costs.

Automatic logistics adopts high-rise shelves to store goods, reduce the floor area of inventory and improve the utilization rate of storage;

Reduce labor demand and labor cost.

Automated logistics can reduce the demand for labor, reduce labor intensity and improve labor efficiency;

Automated logistics systems carries out comprehensive control and management of warehousing, balances warehouse reserves, improves operation speed and reduces costs; Able to adapt to a variety of environments, such as low temperature, darkness, etc.

Through the above introduction of automation logistics systems and the comparison with traditional logistics, select the appropriate automated logistics warehousing scheme. The use of automated logistics can not only improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, but also effectively improve space utilization.

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