The expected effect of human resource cleaning is based on the expected effect of cleaning a stainless steel chain plate every six months with a sponge dipped in soapy water. Compared with the transmission chain of a local transmission system that is put in a shed and is not cleaned, According to rainfall cleaning and human resource cleaning, the removal of surface dust and accumulation has the expected effect on the surface condition.

It was also found that the production conditions on the surface are also harmful, and the stainless steel chain plates with a soft surface layer are expected to have a better effect than the stainless steel chain plates with uneven surface areas. Therefore, the cleaning interval is damaged by various elements at all times, and the key damage element is the required stainless steel chain plate specification. I hope that based on the detailed explanation of this kind of basic knowledge, I can feel that the broad customer has some relative assistance.

After 8 weeks of operation of the stainless steel chain plate, the bandage foundation was split due to high-frequency quenching and carbonization. Generally, the heat treatment process is used first, that is, the normal operation process is 28 hours in the moving air at 870 degrees. Then hold the temperature for 2 hours, then gradually increase the temperature to 1120 degrees within 14 hours and hold the temperature for 8 hours before calcining the parts. At this time, the atmosphere contains about 3 ppm of oxygen, and the leakage is about -55 degrees.

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