Compared with any other industrial manufacturing equipment, the conveyor has the potential to make workers safer and more efficient. It is important to improve the conveyor belt efficiency.

The use of conveyors can reduce the risk of workers and improve the transportation speed of goods. However, in the process of using the conveying system, there will be different degrees of failure, which will interrupt the transportation, affect the work flow, and lead to the accumulation of goods. In addition, it will also affect the safety of worker.

All industries need to ensure the safety of workers and the efficiency of the conveying process when using conveyors systems. So it is very important to ensure the safety of the conveyor belt. This is also a major goal of the conveyor industry to reduce the losses caused by conveyor stop.

The following are the methods to improve the production efficiency of the conveyor belt. I hope it will be helpful to you when maintaining the conveyor.

How to choose a suitable conveyor belt?

The conveyor belt is an important part of the conveyor. So, how to choose the conveyor belt suitable for your products?

First, determine the nature of the product to be transported. What is the state of the transported product, regular? Powdery?and whether it is fragile? 

Secondly, determine the weight of the product. It is also important for the machine to determine the load transported by the conveyor belt. The power and other relevant parameters of the conveyor can be determined by the size and weight of the articles.

Finally, determine the speed. The transportation speed of the conveyor belt is determined according to the place where the products are used and the products transported.

The conveyor also needs to be maintained during operation

Before and after the operation of the conveyor, it is necessary to spend time to check whether the conveyor has potential safety hazards. This can prevent the maintenance of the conveyor, not only save money, but also reduce unknown risks.

For conveyors operating in different environments, different inspection cycles (daily, monthly or weekly) and maintenance schemes can be customized for each part and recorded in detail.

Cleaning is also a crucial step, for example in the food industry. Cleaning can reduce the friction with the conveyor belt, thus improving the transportation speed and the service life of various components.

Improve safety

Conveyors are favored by many industries. When using the conveyor, it is necessary to ensure that it can fully play its role, and regular inspection is essential.

The operator can set the conveyor only after ensuring that all safety devices (switches) are stopped. It is easy for operators to use and adjust to the most appropriate state.

In any working environment, safety must be the first priority. Staff are encouraged to report the safety problems encountered in a timely manner. And any staff who abuse the machine will be dealt with. Ensure the safety of all personnel and improve work efficiency.

In the production work, it can be considered to establish a suitable work place for the staff, which can not only reduce the labor risk but also improve the work efficiency.

Consider a variable frequency drive

Using intelligent equipment to control the running motor can save energy and cost. Many conveyors have only two modes: on or off. When the conveyor is powered on, it runs at the maximum speed regardless of the current working state.

The variable frequency drive can match the speed of the conveyor belt in real time to reduce energy consumption.

By dynamically adjusting the motor speed to adapt to changing load demands, VFD can significantly reduce energy consumption. It can improve the power factor and reduce the consumption of the motor system.

The use of variable frequency drive can reduce the speed of the motor and save energy consumption. For example, a conveyor running on a VFD that reduces motor speed by 50% may result in a reduction in energy consumption of up to 90%. This can extend the overall service life of the motor and provide a greater long-term return on investment – justifying the higher upfront costs.

The efficiency and service life of the conveyor belt can be improved by the above methods.

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