With the demands of market development and the advancement of science and technology, modern conveying equipment has higher requirements for dust-proof processing and other industrial fields. Belt conveying can be seen in coal mines, metal mines, iron and steel enterprises, ports, cement plants and other places. With the extensive use of the machine, the conveying machinery can not only complete the conveying of bulk materials, but also convey the finished materials, but depending on the place of use, working environment, and different types of materials to be conveyed, there will be some problems in its design and application. Big difference.

The modern conveyor system has higher requirements for dust prevention. For this reason, there are sprinklers and dust collectors at each transition point, and windshields or windshields are installed along the belt conveyor. Now here we introduce a simple dustproof device, belt conveyor rain cover.

Belt conveyor rain cover is also called color steel rain cover, conveyor rain cover, conveyor dust cover, belt conveyor rain cover, etc. The rain cover has a great effect on the goods and the environment. When the goods are transported, it can reduce the loss and waste of the goods, make the conveyor belt safer and more reliable during the transportation process, and also extend the service life of the transporter.

1. The rain cover of the belt conveyor is waterproof. The rain cover is made of glass material steel. This material has good waterproof performance and will not rust after being drenched by rain. Therefore, it is very good to make a rain cover.

2. Installing a rain cover can prevent the product on the belt conveyor from being bumped. When using the rain cover, it is installed on the entire belt conveyor, so that there will be no bumps during the transportation of goods, which can well protect the safety of the products being transported.

3. With the protection of the rain cover, the product can be kept clean and tidy. After installing the belt conveyor cover on the belt conveyor, we can protect the goods, and at the same time prevent the moisture and dust in the outside air from entering the inside of the goods. After installing the rain cover of the belt conveyor, the goods can be transported, which can prevent the dust and impurities in the outside air from entering the surface and the inside of the goods, which can effectively keep the goods tidy.