The bulk material conveying system depends on the type of material to be conveyed. The general material type is soybean meal, coal, ore and other bulk materials. It is composed of berthing facilities, conveying systems, and bulk material storage yards. The conveying system is mainly a combination of conveying equipment, such as belts. Conveyor, stacker, reclaimer, ship loader, ship unloader, hopper, storage equipment and other bulk equipment. With the development of market demand and modern engineering construction, our company’s design experience, manufacturing level, and complete project organization and management capabilities have been continuously improved. Today, our company has provided multiple sets of bulk material handling and conveying complete sets of equipment for grain and oil manufacturers, bulk material terminals, cement raw materials yards, power plant coal conveying systems and other conveying systems, and has been widely praised by users.

The bulk handling equipment mainly includes:

①Mechanical part: belt conveyor, plate feeder, stacker and reclaimer, crusher, vibrating screen, sample preparation equipment, etc.;

②Auxiliary system: ventilation system, dust removal system, dust suppression system, water supply and drainage system, etc.;

③Electrical equipment: high and low voltage switchgear, transformer, lightning protection grounding, lighting, DC screen, UPS, etc.;

④Control and instrumentation: PLC, level gauge, belt scale, etc.

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