As a relatively common type of conveying equipment, screw conveyors are basically used in many industries, because they have better performance in all aspects when used. Therefore, there are also very good sales in the market. Of course, people can choose according to their characteristics when purchasing this kind of conveying equipment, so that it is also easy to choose a conveying equipment with a guaranteed use effect.

Feature 1: Simple structure. In fact, traditional conveying equipment can also bring certain effects when used, but compared with screw conveyors, there are often big differences in structure. In the manufacturing process of this type of conveyor, the process and technology used by the manufacturer are relatively advanced in the current market, and the conveyor structure has also been greatly improved, making its overall structure very Simple, so it will naturally be very convenient when installing the application.

Feature 2: Good airtightness. Some conveyors are not very tight in terms of airtightness, so they are prone to material leakage during later use, which will not only affect the equipment to a certain extent, but also damage the environment. The screw conveyor is different. Its sealing performance is very good. Basically, no matter what type of material is conveyed, there will be no leakage.

Feature 3: Long service life. In the daily use of the screw conveyor, the related maintenance work is also very simple, which also has great benefits for extending the service life of the equipment. In short, the use effect and quality of the equipment are very good.


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