Mobile ship loader


The boom frame of ship loader adopts telescopic boom frame structure, and the radius of rotation of the boom frame is variable.Mobile ship loader offer unparalleled efficiency and flexibility in loading and unloading bulk carriers.


Ship loader is suitable for feed, fertilizer, mining and many other industries.NAR Automation engineering can provide customers with customized product solutions,Including equipment installation, debugging, training, etc. If you need equipment maintenance, we will provide you with quality after-sales service.


Ship Loading Detail

Mobile ship loader Standard configuration

  • Boom
    • only do pitching and telescopic actions
  • Boom belt conveyor
    • conveying materials
  • Telescopic chute
    • it can reduce dust pollution during shipment

Ship Loaders Characteristics

  • The ship loader can fully utilize the basic conditions of the existing port and wharf and does not require additional civil engineering, which greatly reduces the additional cost of introducing new equipment and is more convenient for the transfer and resale of the mobile shipping system;
  • The mobile ship loader can customize different unloading methods for trucks, loaders, belt conveyors, etc. according to customer needs;
  • The shiploaders equipment can be customized according to customer needs and can be used for horizontal and vertical self-running or traction operation, and self-running or traction operation in the arc direction with the tail as the center of the circle;
  • In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, the mobile ship loader can have a variety of dust removal and dust suppression methods for customers to choose.
  • The mobile ship loader has complete functions, and the current maximum loading speed can reach 2000 tons per hour, which speeds up the loading speed;
  • The ship loader provides a completely flexible project investment cost-effective and fast solution;
  •  The mobile ship loader not only fully reaches the performance level of fixedly installed ship loading equipment, but also has complete flexibility;

Optional configuration

  • Power supply mode
    • cable roller
    • safety sliding contact wire
  • Control mode
    • PLC control
    • manual
    • single action

Types of bulk ship loading equipment

  • Installation mode
    • track moving ship loader
    • arc swing ship loader
    • straight swing ship loader


Widely used in grain and oil, feed, fertilizer, mining, ports, power plants and many other industries.

Mobile Ship loader Q&A

  • Abnormal motor or reducer
    • Cause: foreign matter interferes with motor or reducer.Motor or reducer damaged.
    • Measures: after shutdown and taking safety measures, clean up foreign matters; Replace the motor or reducer.
  • Brake failure
    • Cause: the brake is damaged. The brake is stuck;
    • Measures: check the brake and replace it with a new one.
  • Cleaner failure
    • Cause: the materials on the upper and lower surfaces of the conveyor belt are not cleaned.
    • Measures: regularly clean the residual materials on the surface of the conveyor belt.
  • Idler failure
    • Cause: the fastening bolts of idler frame are loose. The idler bearing seat is damaged;
    • Measures: regularly check the use of each part and clean up the material residue in time.
  • Boom telescopic abnormality
    • Cause:Foreign matters interfere within the telescopic range of boom. Poor lubrication or damage of boom support.Poor lubrication or damage of transmission gear.Boom structure failure.
    • Measures: regularly clean up equipment residues; Regularly check the gear operation and add lubricating oil.

Display of mobile ship loader

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