1. Check the oil volume inside the drum before use. The oil volume should be 2/5 of the drum diameter; check whether the motor wiring is      correct (note: the drum is in a worry-free state when it leaves the factory). 

   2. The drum must be started without load.

   3. Replace the lubricating oil after the first 300 hours of operation of the drum, and then change the oil every 5000 hours with perform maintenance.

   4. Regularly check the oil level, adjust the oil seal spring or replace the oil seal according to the sealing condition.

   5. Protective devices such as overload and phase loss operation should be installed in the electrical circuit of the electric drum motor to avoid burning the motor and causing losses due to circuit failure.

6. The electric drum should be installed horizontally, and the inclination angle should not exceed 5°

   7. The working environment temperature of the electric drum is -10℃ to 40℃, the material temperature is less than 60℃, and the altitude should not exceed 1000 meters.

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