In mining operations, shipping ports, contact ports, and transportation on the ground all play a very important role. The normal operation of the scraper conveyor will directly determine the stability of the entire coal mine operation. Under normal circumstances, the performance of the scraper conveyor The operating environment is relatively poor and the load is relatively large. In order to ensure the normal operation of coal production and transportation, we will analyze some problems that often occur in the scraper conveyor equipment and provide some solutions.

  There are also some problems in the operation of the scraper conveyor. In order to enhance the performance and reliability of the scraper conveyor, improvements have been made:

1.  Suction pipes and vents should be provided at the head and bottom of the scraper conveyor to ensure that the chain conveyor will not form negative pressure and dust overflow during the unloading and feeding process, and it is an exquisitely manufactured conveyor. Equipment, its sealing is reliable, but a good seal will inevitably cause a pressure difference in the material unloading and feeding process, resulting in difficulty in feeding and unloading. The vents make the internal pressure of the chain conveyor basically equal to the external pressure. Proper suction prevents dust from overflowing from the ventilation, prevents waste and cleans the environment.

2.  Install speed monitoring equipment. The passive wheel part of the scraper conveyor is equipped with a speed sensor. The sensor generates a voltage or current signal, which can be set and the speed through the instrument. When the speed of the scraper conveyor exceeds this plan, after a delay, if the speed is still beyond the plan Then, disconnect the air switch to maintain the normal operation of the scraper conveyor.

3.  Set non-slip driving wheels. Riveting or bonding non-slip and anti-wear rubber cloth on the surface of the driving wheel of the scraper conveyor can improve the friction coefficient between the driving wheel and the belt, prevent the belt from slipping, and increase the conveying power. If the driving wheel is too lubricated, It is necessary to over-tension the belt to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor, and the belt will receive excessive tension and reduce the service life of the belt.

4. The head of the scraper conveyor is equipped with anti-reverse equipment. When the power of the chain conveyor is suddenly interrupted, the rotation of the scraper conveyor is very risky. During the transportation of the scraper conveyor, one side is the upward bucket full of materials, and the other side is unloading. After the material is moved down the empty bucket, after the power is interrupted, the chain conveyor must be reversed due to the effect of gravity. The material will be discharged to the bottom of the chain conveyor following the rotation of the bucket until the bucket is jammed when it is full. Since the slewing is an accelerated movement, and then it is suddenly jammed, it is very simple to pull off the bucket, which damages the belt, or even breaks. In addition, the bottom of the chain conveyor is full of materials, which also prevents the chain conveyor from starting, preventing backlash. Ratchet arrangement can be used.

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