Dust removal system


Dust removal equipment is an equipment for separating dust from flue gas. The dust removal system adopts stratified air supply technology, which is suitable for the treatment of high concentration dust, and which can simplify the dust treatment process and reduce the equipment investment.


Dust removal system is suitable for feed, fertilizer, mining and many other industries.NAR Automation engineering can provide customers with customized product solutions,Including equipment installation, debugging, training, etc. If you need equipmentmaintenance, we will provide you with quality after-sales service.


Standard configuration

  • Flue gas capture hood
  • flue gas channel
  • pipeline valve
  • centrifugal induced draft fan
  • damper regulator
  • bag filter
  • chimney


  • The efficiency of fine dust removal is high, generally over 99%, which can be used in occasions with high purification requirements.
  • The dust removal machine has strong adaptability, can capture various types of dust, and does not affect the dust removal efficiency due to the specific resistance of the dust, and it can adapt to a wide range of smoke and dust concentration, and it will not change when the inlet concentration or the amount of smoke Affect purification efficiency and operating resistance.
  • Various specifications and flexible use. The processing air volume can range from hundreds to millions of cubic meters per hour.
  • The dust removal equipment is easy to recycle materials, and there is no secondary pollution such as pollution and waste water.
  • Few auxiliary equipment, low investment and high safety.
  • Modular design, safe and convenient to replace accessories.

Optional Configuration

  • Electric control system
    • PLC automatic control
    • central centralized control
    • remote monitoring
  • Unloading mode
    • belt conveyor head unloading
    • chute unloading
    • unloader
    • screw unloading


Widely used in grain and oil, feed, fertilizer, mining, ports, power plants and many other industries.


  • Sliding and tilting of movable hood
    • Cause: the coupling is disconnected; The reducer is damaged; Open welding at the bottom of movable hood drum
    • Measures: check the bottom of movable smoke hood and restore reinforcement; Open the cover of the reducer for inspection;
  • There is abnormal sound when the movable hood is started
    • Cause: the transmission system is damaged
    • Measures: check whether the motor operates normally

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