Packaging System


With the improvement of automation, the operation, maintenance and daily maintenance of automatic packaging machines is more convenient and simple, reducing the professional skills requirements of operators.

Due to the use of frequency conversion speed regulation, greatly reduce the chain drive, improve the stability and reliability of machine operation, reduce the noise of machine operation.



Packaging equipment is suitable for all kinds of dry bulk materials, can automatically complete the measurement, bag-making, packaging, sealing, printing, counting and other packaging processes. NAR Automation engineering can provide customers with customized product solutions,Including equipment installation, debugging, training, etc. If you need equipmentmaintenance, we will provide you with quality after-sales service.

Packaging System Standard configuration

    • Double scale form electronic packaging scale
    • automatic bag loading, belt conveying unit
    • edge removal and bag sewing unit
    • bag reversing and shaping unit and dust collector

Packaging Equipment Characteristics

Non-standard automation packaging equipment is also widely used in applications due to the wide range of products. The main application industries are:

  • Manufacturing and installation of auto parts in the auto manufacturing industry;
  • Production, transportation and packaging in the food industry;
  • Product delivery of electronic and electrical production lines;
  • Packaging system is also widely used in warehousing facilities in the logistics industry;
  • Application in the assembly industry of processing manufacturing.
  • Reduce Packaging Material Waste and improved Health and Safety.

Benefits of Automated Packaging Machines

  • Reduce labor cost.
  • Reduce waste of the packaging materials.
  • Improve material consumption.
  • Reduce damage and unsalable.
  • Improve worker safety.

Automation Packinging Application

Widely used in grain and oil, feed, fertilizer, mining, ports, power plants and many other industries.

Packaging Line Q&A

  • When the automatic packaging machine is running, the bag cutting position may have large deviation
    • Cause: the gap between the color code and the color code is too large, the color code positioning contact is poor and the photoelectric tracking compensation is out of control.
    • Measures: readjust the position of the photoelectric switch or directly clean the molding machine, insert the packaging material into the guide board, and adjust the position of the guide board so that the light spot coincides with the color mark.
  • During the operation of the automatic packaging machine, the paper feeding motor may be stuck, or the motor may be damaged and rotate uncontrollably.
    • Cause: damage of starting capacitor
    • Measures: check whether the paper feed control lever is stuck, whether the starting capacitor is damaged and whether the fuse is faulty, and then replace it according to the inspection results.
  • Material scattering
    • Cause: the automatic packaging machine is not sealed or sealed tightly
    • Measures: check whether the packaging container complies with relevant regulations, take out the inferior packaging container and no longer use it, and then try to adjust the sealing pressure and increase the heat sealing temperature.
  • The automatic packaging machine does not pull the bag, and the chain of the bag pulling motor falls off.
    • Cause: line problem. The bag switch is damaged, the controller is faulty, and the stepper motor driver is faulty.
    • Measures: check whether the proximity switch, controller and stepping motor of the bag making machine are damaged, and replace the damaged parts.

How to maintain the packaging system ?

  • Regular cleaning:Clean the metering part in time after shutdown
  • Regular maintenance: Regularly check all parts of the packaging machine to avoid machine failure caused by looseness

Display of packaging system

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