Technical requirements for chain plate telescopic conveyor:

  A) The protruding length is not less than 10 meters, and the total length of the fixed section plus the protruding part is not less than 18 meters.

  B) The advanced conveyor chain plate is used to ensure that the cigarette box will not deviate during the conveying process; ensure that the cigarettes will not dump during the conveying process.

C) The telescopic machine is suitable for vertical delivery of cigarettes. The dimensions of the cigarette box conveyed: generally length 475 * width 260 * height 595mm, and the weight is not less than 17 kg.

D) The effective conveying width of the telescopic machine, that is, the width of the chain plate is not less than 300mm.

  E) The side plate of the telescopic machine has process holes for easy installation of the bracket; there are maintenance holes.

  F) The telescopic machine is equipped with an operation cabinet, which is fixed on the equipment. The telescopic machine has an anti-collision function.

G) When the material scan code is unsuccessful, the conveyor can automatically stop after receiving the external signal from the scanner. (Note: The code scanning of materials is done by us. The telescopic conveyor should implement the above functions in the program, and reserve control signal I/O points to interface with our system)

H) The low-voltage electrical components of the telescopic machine adopt imported brands.

  I) The conveyor speed of the chain plate: not less than 30 meters/minute, and the traveling speed of the telescopic part: not less than 12 meters/minute. The designed conveying capacity is not less than 1000 pieces/hour.

  J) The extension and retraction drive control of the extension mechanism is simple; its working length can be adjusted with the control button.

  K) The carrying weight of the telescopic machine is not less than 30Kg/m, and the conveying capacity: not less than 300 Kg.

  L) The equipment is easy to operate and maintain, has high reliability, and is suitable for long-term use.

  M) Ensure that the equipment provided is brand new and advanced, with high quality and high reliability, and stable and continuous operation. Adopt new technology, new materials and new technology.

  N) A copy of the necessary materials such as a certificate of conformity will be provided for each unit, and a copy of the equipment operation and maintenance manual including electronic control schematic diagrams, parts catalogues and spare parts catalogues (including vulnerable parts) will be provided for each unit.

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