Originally, the cleaning of the chain conveyor was divided into two methods: fine washing and rough washing. The cleaning of the chain conveyor is divided into fine cleaning and rough cleaning, and a metal mesh frame can be placed at the bottom of the used container.

1. When performing fine washing, slowly rotate the belt in oil, and perform it carefully.

2. For rough washing, use a brush to clean up grease or adhesions in oil. At this time, if the belt is rotated in oil, be careful that the rolling surface may be damaged due to foreign matter.

The timing belt of the chain conveyor is the component that makes the piston and the valve of the vehicle operate synchronously, so its inspection and maintenance cannot be neglected. In the rainy season, the vehicle is prone to water, usually water will get into the belt, and the impurities in the water will accelerate the aging of the belt and cause the belt to break suddenly. Therefore, in the summer and autumn seasons, check the restoring belts to avoid breakage of the belts, which may cause mechanical disturbances in the piston top valve.

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