Main features:

1, the goods can be sorted continuously and inlarge quantities. Due to the use of automatic production line operation mode, the automatic sorting system is not affected by the weather, time, physical and other restrictions, which can run continuously. At the same time, the sorting ability of automatic sorting system is more than 100 hours of continuous operation, 7000 packages per hour. Ifuse artificial, only 150 packages per hour and sorting staff can work continuously for 8 hours in the labor intensity.

2, sorting error rate is very low. Automatic sorting error rate of the system depends mainly on the size of the sorting accuracy of information which depends on input mechanism from  sorting information, if the input from artificial keyboard or speech recognition, the error rate is more than 3%, such as the use of barcode scanning input error, unless there is a bar code printing itself, otherwise it will not go wrong. Therefore, the automatic sorting system mainly uses barcode technology to identify the goods.

3, sorting operations basically unmanned. The goal of the establishment automatic sorting system is to reduce the use of personnel, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the efficiency of theuse of personnel, so the automatic sorting system can minimize the use of personnel, basically no one. The sorting operation itself does not require theuse of personnel, and the use of personnel is limited to the following tasks:
(1) delivery vehicles reach at the end of the automatic sorting line, manual delivery.
(2) the operation of the sorting system is controlled manually.
(3) at the end of the sorting line, the goods willbe picked up and loaded by manual sorting.
(4) Operation, management and maintenance.

System composition:

The automatic sorting system is composed of acontrol device, a sorting device, a conveying device and a sorting crossing.The control device is the role of recognition, receiving and processing signalsorting. Classification device class automatically according to the commodity delivery location or the owner’s category of goods based on the sorting signal indicator. The equipments can be sorted by different ways, such as through the bar code  scanning, color code scanning, keyboard input, weight detection, voice recognition, high detection and recognition methods, to input the sorting control system, according to the judgment of the sorting signal, goods will be decided which one should enter the sorting crossing.

The classification system will react to the instructions of sorting control equipment, when the goods have the same sorting signal through the device, the device operation, to change the running direction on the delivery device into the other into the sorting conveyor or crossing. It has many kinds of classification device, like floating, tilting and branching. Different devices have different requirements for goods packaging materials, packaging weight and bottom surface smooth degree.

The main part of the conveyor device is belt or conveyor machine, its main role is to make the goods to be sorted to both sides of the system through control device and classification device, usually with some sorting crossing to make classified goods can be slide down the main conveyor (or main belt) in order to carry out follow-up work.
Crossing is the channel which sorted goods enter to the cargo area out from main conveyor ( or main belt), generally composed of steel belt, belt and roller to make the goods slide to loading platform from the main conveyor, where the staff will store, assemble, load to truck or make distribution operations.

The above four parts are linked together by computer network, and together with manual control and corresponding manual processing, a complete automatic sorting system is formed.

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