The telescopic conveyor equipment is mainly suitable for the occasions where a large number of loading and unloading trucks and warehouses are required. It can be widely used in:

1. Logistics companies (e-commerce, post, express, third-party warehousing, less-than-carload freight, etc.)

2. Enterprise logistics (food, beverage, medicine, tobacco, petrochemical, clothing, books, tires, daily chemicals, military logistics, etc.)

Telescopic machine product advantages

1. Easy homework

Shorten the manual transportation distance and reduce labor intensity

2. Quick work

The loading and unloading transmission speed can reach 50 m/min, which greatly shortens the loading and unloading time and improves work efficiency

3. Standard work

The loading and unloading and warehousing sites are in an orderly manner, and the telescopic conveyor manufacturers have effectively avoided the messy site and the phenomenon of working all over the floor.

4. Save labor

The number of loading and unloading labor can be reduced by 2/3, reducing costs

5. Protect the job

Reduce the incidence of accidents during loading and unloading, and reduce the loss of goods

6. Speed up vehicle turnover

After the loading and unloading speed is increased, the turnover rate of the vehicle is effectively improved

7. Improve corporate image

Standard automation equipment flow operation, in line with the requirements of modern enterprises

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