As a stainless steel mesh belt manufacturer, NAR Automation requires quality development and survival as the first. Stainless steel mesh belts have many characteristics.

1. The stainless steel mesh belt is made of stainless steel wire or plate, and is used in engineering plastics, beer transportation, and food packaging machinery industries.

2. The stainless steel mesh belt is easy to clean. It can be showered directly with water or soaked in water to meet the needs of food in the beverage and food industries.

3. The conveying surface of the stainless steel mesh belt is flat and smooth, with low friction, and the material transitions smoothly on the production line. It can convey a wide range of materials such as cans, bottles, cups, and boxes.

4. The stainless steel mesh belt can complete horizontal, strain and rotary conveying on one conveying line. The conveying equipment is flexible and convenient, the structure is simple, and the running and conveying is smooth.

5. The stainless steel mesh belt conveys small objects. The mesh belt has the advantage of high temperature resistance. It has a wider application range and longer life than traditional food belt conveyors.


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