The light belt conveyor is a machine that transports materials in a continuous friction drive mode. It is mainly composed of frame, conveyor belt, roller, roller, tensioning device, transmission device, protection device, etc.

The safe operation of the light belt conveyor plays a vital role in the selection and installation position of the tensioning device. In actual work, depending on the conveyor belt, you can choose a safe and economical tensioning method and tensioner to find a suitable installation position, so that the belt conveyor can run smoothly and effectively.

Conveyor belt installation, operation mode:

There are mainly four modes of transportation for light belt conveyor equipment in actual work, and the conveyor belt is inclined downward for transportation. The conveyor belt is inclined upward and conveyed horizontally; the conveyor belt is inclined upward conveying; the conveyor is conveyed horizontally.

The influence of the tension of the fastening device on the conveyor:

1)       High performance is costly, maintenance and repair are complicated, and low performance cannot meet the safety of transport aircraft operation and is prone to accidents.

2)       If the installation position is not suitable, the output tension will be invalid, the belt will not be adjusted by tension, the belt will be mocha, slip, deviation, etc., which will shorten the life of the belt and reduce the load capacity.

3)       Different assembly positions have different requirements for accessory equipment. The ideal installation position can reduce the amount of accessory equipment installation, simplify the conveyor system, increase the safe operation factor, and reduce capital investment and equipment maintenance.

When designing a light belt conveyor, work requirements such as conveyor transportation mode, transportation distance, throughput, etc. should be considered, and the use of auxiliary equipment reduced, investment reduction, easy maintenance, simple structure of the tensioning and tightening device, choose a suitable location for installation, and make full use of the belt Tensile force caused by one’s own weight. Reduce unnecessary investment and improve the safe operation of equipment.  

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