Automation equipment has been widely used in various industries. Many of our companies have already used our automation equipment. With automation equipment, we can improve our production efficiency and save our manpower. We need to use automation equipment before we First of all, we must first understand it. The first thing we need to do is to understand the components of our automated production equipment production line. Especially as an enterprise, we should understand the development prospects of the automated equipment production line. For an understanding, first let’s take a look at what are the components of our automation equipment?

1. Transmission system

The main components of the automatic line and the workpiece conveying system generally include a machine tool loading and unloading device, a conveying device and a storage device. In the automatic line of rotating body processing, the conveying device includes gravity conveying type or forced conveying type trough or material channel, lifting, indexing and distribution device, etc. Sometimes a manipulator is used to complete certain functions of the conveyor. In the automatic line of modular machine tools, when the workpiece has a suitable conveying base surface, the direct conveying method is adopted. The conveying device includes various stepping conveying devices, indexing devices and turning devices. For irregular shapes and no suitable conveying base surface The workpieces are usually installed on the pallet for positioning and conveying. In this case, a return device for the pallet must be added.

2. Control system

The control system of the automatic line is mainly used to ensure that the machine tools, workpiece conveying systems, and auxiliary equipment in the line work normally in accordance with the specified working cycle and interlocking requirements, and are equipped with fault detection devices and signal devices. In order to meet the requirements of automatic line debugging and normal operation, the control system has three working states: adjustment, semi-automatic and automatic. In the adjustment state, it can be manually operated and adjusted to realize the various actions of a single device; in the semi-automatic state, it can realize the single cycle work of a single device; in the automatic state, the automatic line can work continuously.

The control system has a “pre-stop” control function. When the automatic line needs to stop under normal working conditions, it can stop after completing a work cycle and returning to the original position of the relevant moving parts of each machine tool. The other auxiliary equipment of the automatic line is set according to the process needs and the degree of automation, such as automatic inspection device of the cleaning machine workpiece, automatic tool change device, automatic chip holding system and centralized cooling system. In order to improve the productivity of the automatic line, the working reliability of the automatic line must be ensured. The main factors affecting the reliability of the automatic line are the stability of the processing quality and the reliability of the equipment. The development direction of the automatic line is mainly to improve productivity and most of the usability and flexibility. In order to meet the needs of multi-variety production, an adjustable automatic line that can be adjusted quickly will be developed.

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