The drive reducer of the belt assembly line conveyor often encounters some broken input shafts of the drive reducer when in use, which will affect the user’s production to a certain extent. Moreover, when the shaft is broken, the stubble at the broken shaft is generally flat, and the section is generally perpendicular to the length of the shaft. Not only that, but shaft breakage also occurs on the belt assembly line conveyor on the mobile machinery and the ground belt assembly line conveyor.

The main external causes of broken shafts generally include the following aspects:

1. The deviation of the concentricity of the installation is too large. If the hydraulic coupling and brake wheel between the motor and the reducer are installed, the concentricity between the reducer and the motor shaft should be carefully adjusted. If the deviation is too large, the coupling and the brake wheel will be generated during operation. The shaft is broken due to excessive vibration.

2. The carrying capacity of the reducer of the selected belt assembly line conveyor is not enough, that is, the drive reducer of the belt assembly line conveyor is relatively small. When the actual use power of the reducer exceeds the carrying capacity of the reducer, the belt conveyor will be used for a certain period of time. The drive reducer is broken.

3. The defect of the reducer design itself causes the input shaft to break. This situation often occurs when the belt assembly line conveyor is designed in full accordance with the requirements of the reducer supplier and the reducer is selected. Although the selected reducer met the requirements of the reducer supplier, the shaft was broken.

4. A hydraulic coupling and a brake wheel are usually installed between the motor shaft and the reducer shaft. When the dynamic balance of the brake wheel and the hydraulic coupling is not good, and the eccentricity is serious, it will cause a lot of production when the belt assembly line conveyor is running. Vibration. When the vibration load reaches a certain level, it will cause excessive stress on the output shaft of the reducer and break.

When designing the assembly line and selecting the corresponding accessories, we need to pay attention to these details at any time, so as not to cause the phenomenon of broken shafts and delay the progress of the production engineering.

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