Conveyor systems play an important role in various industries, requiring continuous operation, using motors and gearboxes to generate energy consumption.

The key factor affecting the entire transportation system is energy efficiency. Energy consumption is a matter of concern.

This article will take you through the factors that affect energy consumption in conveyor systems, and how to calculate and reduce energy consumption.

Why does energy consumption have a significant impact?

With the development of industry, the demand for mechanical equipment in factories is increasing day by day. It is worth noting that increasing energy consumption has potentially serious consequences for the environment, such as climate change.

First, reducing energy consumption can effectively reduce environmental pollution. Secondly, more and more customers pursue environmentally-friendly equipment, and they increasingly hope to improve their sustainable development strategies. Finally, reducing energy consumption can directly reduce operating costs.

How to reduce transportation energy consumption?

Conveyor systems are an essential part of every industry, and it is crucial to improve transportation efficiency and effectively reduce energy consumption over time. The following are five ways to reduce consumption during transportation.

  • Select the appropriate conveyor type

Select the best conveyor type in production, taking into account the application characteristics of each component, to improve output, productivity, and profitability, while reducing time waste, energy consumption, and material loss.

  • Closed conveying system

Use a closed conveyor system to avoid additional dust removal systems. Dust removal systems typically use compressed air or expensive blowers to filter and remove particulates from the air and production environment.

Choosing a closed conveying system can reduce electric energy consumption and also reduce the safety hazards of maintenance and dust removal systems.

  • Variable frequency drive

The variable frequency drive is used to adjust the speed of the conveyor belt so that it meets the conveying requirements. Variable frequency drives can internally change the AC voltage and frequency of the drive motor, helping to save energy.

Variable frequency drives can operate word order motors at low speeds, thereby saving energy consumption.

  • Using efficient motors

When using high-efficiency motors to the maximum extent, the energy consumption of the entire conveying system is significantly reduced. High-efficiency motors are designed to provide the same power to conveyor systems, using less energy consumption, and reducing costs.

  • Timely replace old parts

A conveyor system that has been used for a long time cannot save costs for the company. He will inadvertently consume too much money, and energy consumption, and even reduce productivity.

Regularly update the relevant components of the conveying system and continuously integrate new technologies to improve the productivity of the entire conveying system.

  • Regular maintenance

Proper maintenance of the conveyor system can reduce losses caused by wear between the conveyor belt and the conveyor chain. The main factor that directly causes energy waste when starting a system is regular maintenance, which can reduce the waste of funds it brings.

How to calculate conveyor energy efficiency?

  • Measure the power consumption of the conveying system by using a power machine or reference specifications provided by the manufacturer.
  • Estimate the weight or volume of the material being transported or use data provided by the manufacturer within a certain period of time.
  • Divide the amount of material conveyed by the energy consumption to obtain the energy efficiency result of the conveying system.
  • Compare the results with industry standards such as ISO 5048 or CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) guidelines to see if they are effectively implemented.
  • Adjust the conveying system based on the results, including reducing belt speed, optimizing load, or performing maintenance to improve energy efficiency.

Understanding how to calculate conveyor energy consumption and properly maintain the conveyor to reduce energy consumption can not only improve productivity, but also play a role in environmental protection.

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