With the development of the automation, people’s life have  been greatly improved. The use and technology of the packing machine also have  improved. And the use of automation technology have reduce  the professional skill requirements of the operators.

The quality of the products packaging is related to the temperature system ,the  accuracy of host speed, the stability of tracking system and so on.

What is the automatic packaging system?

Automatic packaging system composed  of the machine part and the electrical part that  includes mechanical frame, manipulator clamping device, driving cylinder, main control circuit, frequency converter, programmable controller, temperature control circuit, intelligent temperature control meter and thermocouple.

The automatic packaging is mainly used for the food ,medicine, chemical industry and plant speed. The material can be in the form of particles, tablets, liquids, powders, pastes, etc. The automatic machine has functions of the automatic measurement, filling, bag making, sealing, cutting, transportation, printing production batch number, increasing easy incision, no material warning, mixing and so on.

What are the classifications of the packaging system?

Packaging system include semi-automatic packaging system and full-automatic packaging system.

semi-automatic packaging system: the material are provided  by the operators, then  the machine can automatically complete other operations. The machine is suitable for the glass bottles, plastic bottles, beverages and other bottled goods.

full-automatic packaging system: after automatic setting, the packaging machine can automatically complete operations of the packaging ,such as bag pulling, bag making, blanking and other column operations to the end, without manual participation. And the  full-automatic packaging system can reduce the pollution of the packaging .

what are the advantages of using packaging system for industry?

The automatic packaging machine adopts double synchronous belt film pulling, tension controlled by air cylinder, automatic deviation correction and automatic alarm protection function to minimize loss.

Reduce labor cost

Labor is the  biggest factor affection the enterprises. The use of packaging system will not only reduce labor force, but also improve production efficiency.

Reduce waste of the packaging materials

The  inefficient packaging progress and the human error not only lead to the poor packaging ,but also influence the use of the packaging material .Those have a great impact  on the output .

Improve material consumption

The automatic packaging machine can perform a series of packaging operations, improve productivity and reduce waste. This standardizes the use of materials, standardizes consumption and improves inventory management. By using an automated process, you can ensure that the same amount of material is used in each package.

The automatic equipment can not only  reduce the risk of the operator error, but also prevent the need  to apply materials than necessary and the time cost of correcting errors.

Reduce damage and unsalable

Proper packaging can protect products from various external forces during transportation and storage. Automated equipment uses advanced technology and tracking to ensure consistent packaging that meets set standards. This uniformity makes material handling easier and improves the strength of packaging.

Improve worker safety

Compared with the manual packaging machine, the automatic packaging machine eliminates the safety risks in packaging. And the machine also reduces the demand of workers. It  only improves the safety of workers, but also improves the productivity.

The development of the automatic packaging system

Since 1850,paper packaging has been used  in the  food industry. In 1861,the first packaging machinery factory are established in Germany. Then a series of packaging related equipment such as automatic forming, filling and sealing machine have been invented, which has promoted the rapid development of packaging machine in various industries

How to maintain the packaging system?

When the packaging  machine start to running ,it is necessary to set a date for maintenance to ensure the machine in the best condition .

Regular cleaning:

Clean the metering part in time after shutdown; The heat seal body shall be cleaned in time to ensure clear sealing texture;

The scattered materials on the material tray shall be cleaned in time to ensure the cleanliness of the machine; Clean the dust seal in the electric cabinet regularly to prevent poor contact

Regular maintenance:

Regularly check all parts of the packaging machine to avoid machine failure caused by looseness;

Regularly inject lubricating oil into the gear and moving parts of the packaging machine;

During shutdown, the two heat sealing rollers shall be in the open state to prevent scalding of packaging materials;

Pay attention to the waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and rat proof of the electrical part. The electric cabinet and wiring terminals shall be kept clean to prevent electrical failure.

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