Port cargo handling equipment is increasing year by year with the development at home and abroad. It is also the most basic facility of port logistics.

Do you want to know more about port cargo handling equipment? Through this article, you can learn the relevant functions of ship loader, ship unloader and conveying system.

What are the main components of port cargo handling equipment?

Port cargo handling can be divided into three parts: ship loader, ship unloader and conveying equipment.

Ship loader

Ship loader is a large-scale bulk material machine suitable for bulk material transportation in ports. It is generally composed of boom, telescopic chute, gantry, walking device, rotary device, etc. The current development trend of ship loaders is large-scale, environmental protection, specialization and automation.

Large scale: The large-scale chemical ship loader equipment is gradually expanding, and the maximum productivity is as high as 20000T / h

environmental protection:Design environmental protection equipment, implement mechanical seals, and set up an independent dust-proof aggregate system. This setting can improve dust prevention.

Specialization:According to the characteristics of the transported materials, select the appropriate mechanical materials and transportation methods

Automation: Port cargo handling has different characteristics, and the types of ships are also diverse. Automatic loading system is a general development trend.

ship unloader

The ship unloader uses continuous conveying machinery to make a machine head that can lift granular materials, or has the ability of self reclaiming, or is equipped with reclaiming and feeding devices to continuously lift granular materials out of the cabin.

Then it is unloaded to the boom or frame and can be transported to the main transportation place on the shore to send the special machinery to the machine system. The use of ship unloader can greatly improve the unloading efficiency, and the minimum dust pollution can keep the environment clean, efficient and environmentally friendly.

The ship unloader is mainly composed of walking frame, grab, arm frame, funnel, feeding belt conveyor, etc.

Ship unloaders are developing towards specialization and environmental protection.

Specialization:The difference of transporting materials makes the relevant design of shipping equipment more and more professional.

environmental protection:Design environmental protection equipment, implement mechanical seals, and set up an independent dust-proof aggregate system. This setting can improve dust prevention.

Conveyor system

Belt conveyor has the advantages of large conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, standardization of components and so on. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries to transport loose materials or finished goods.

According to the requirements of the conveying process, it can be transported by a single set, or it can be composed of multiple sets, or it can form a horizontal or inclined conveying system with other conveying equipment to meet the needs of different layout types of operation lines.

What are the classifications of component equipment?

lassifications of ship loaders

When conveying materials, ship loaders can be divided into radial telescopic ship loaders, all wheel travel ship loaders and rail type ship loaders according to the moving mode.

radial telescopic ship loaders

The radial telescopic ship loader is extremely flexible, and the telescopic function can reduce the downtime and improve the loading efficiency.Capable of processing various materials, such as coal, grain, fertilizer, ore, etc.

It can be easily fed from fixed conveying systems, wheel loaders, trucks, overhead conveyors, unloader conveyors and more.

Features and advantages:

  • Good flexibility: including drive wheels and guide rails
  • Environmental protection: install dust removal system and transport it in a closed manner to reduce dust pollution
  • Reduce labor force: use the expansion function to adjust the expansion according to the material position
  • High loading efficiency: up to 3000t/h

all wheel travel ship loaders

The ship loader can easily and accurately reach this position according to the position of the material, which can meet all the restrictions of the position of the material.

Features and advantages:

  • Strong flexibility: the all wheel steering ship loader can realize 360 ° all-round movement
  • Environmental protection: install dust removal system and transport it in a closed manner to reduce dust pollution
  • Improve efficiency: wireless remote control can be used to accurately load and unload materials and reduce labor

rail type ship loaders

The ship loader is installed on the port track so that it can move along the wharf according to the moving route. Rail shiploader can be applied to many material loading operations. For example, it is used in coal, coke, ore, sandstone, aggregate, mineral powder, grain, fertilizer and other bulk material industries.

Features and advantages:

  • Convenient movement: loading operation along the track
  • Environmental protection: use telescopic chute and closed transportation to effectively reduce dust
  • High loading efficiency: the loading efficiency of the rail loader is up to 3000t / h
  • Easy to operate: radio remote control can be used, and one person can complete the operation

Classification of ship unloader

Screw ship unloader 

The conveying system of screw ship unloader is composed of vertical wall screw conveyor, horizontal screw conveyor, gantry screw conveyor and relative rotary reclaimer.

When the screw conveyor reclaims materials, insert the head into the silo, and the reverse rotary reclaiming device supplies the materials to the vertical wall screw conveyor, which is transferred to the horizontal arm screw conveyor through the discharge port, and then transported to the conveying equipment through the gantry screw conveyor.

Features and advantages:

  • Environmental protection: the screw ship unloader is carried out under closed conditions
  • Simple structure and low cost;

pneumatic ship unloader

Through the action of the fan, the pneumatic ship unloader generates an air flow of sufficient speed to reduce the gravity and friction of the transported materials, so that the materials entering the suction nozzle are suspended and move in the vertical and horizontal conveying pipelines, and the materials are transported to the required position through the separator, unloader and conveyor.

Features and advantages:

  • Energy saving: use gas as the transportation medium;
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance;
  • The cleaning effect is good, and it is not suitable to raise dust

Conveyor system

Belt conveyor is also called rubber belt conveyor. The conveying distance is long, and it is convenient to implement programmed control and automatic operation.

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