Stainless steel mesh belt is an industrial equipment that uses friction controllers to transport raw materials in a continuous manner. Using it, raw materials can be transported on a certain belt conveyor from the initial feeding point to the subsequent feeding point. So what is the scope of application and scope of stainless steel mesh belt?

Application range of stainless steel mesh belt:

1.       Food industry cookie industry: conveyor belt, refrigeration gasoline pump conveyor belt, flat bending machine conveyor belt, chocolate bean coating machine B-shaped conveyor belt. In addition, the production and processing of cookie industry equipment, egg spraying machine hepatitis B conveyor belt and meat food delivery hepatitis B conveyor belt, imported machinery and equipment ultra-thin energy-saving environmental protection conveyor belt.

2.       Instant noodles and baby rice cereal industries; boiling conveyor belts, frying boxes, blow-drying hanging boxes, cutting knives, knife combs, noodle knives, noodle combs, pivots, forming boxes, etc.

3.       All kinds of frozen products, stainless steel plate flat-top chains for the automatic assembly line of desiccation of fruits and vegetables,milling drive system transmission chains. Conveyor chains, conveyor belts, fulcrums, etc.

4.       Tempered glass quenching equipment conveyor belts, furnace conveyor belts, bottle conveyor conveyor belts, Masek conveyor belts, models and specifications include crankshaft, straight shaft, diamond, and double-strand spiral.

5.       Production and processing of various chain platform type turning machines, mesh belt conveyors and metal wire mesh products chain belt program design and production processing. The cable diameter range that can produce springs is 0.25-14mm, compression springs, torsion springs, tower springs, tension springs, butterfly springs, snake springs, etc.!

The stainless steel mesh belt has a flat surface, strong compressive strength, strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, good air permeability, resistance to deformation, and durability. It has a wide range of functions.

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