In the era of e-commerce, more and more people like to buy all kinds of goods through the Internet, and the business volume of express delivery and transportation industry is gradually rising. The use of telescopic conveyor instead of manual handling is also a kind of loading and unloading mode with high efficiency and good safety, so what are the main problems of manual handling?          

1. Human handling is affected by physical strength and personal emotion, and cannot work continuously;        

2. It is easy to drop and damage the goods by manual handling;        

3. Manpower transportation needs intensive labor and high transportation cost;           

4. The strong mobility of personnel is easy to lead to the lack of personnel;


Advantages of telescopic conveyor         

1. High efficiency: Based on standard loading and unloading speed of 30 m / min and carton (800 * 600mm), the maximum loading capacity per hour is 2200 pieces           

2. Reduce the load capacity: a 9.6m truck can save about 1km of handling distance and at least 20 minutes of loading and unloading time, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve efficiency           

3. Saving: one loading and unloading truck can save more than 2 / 3 of the labor. (the front end of the telescopic conveyor is equipped with 2-person, which is the most suitable)           

4. Safety: the accident rate in the loading and unloading process will be reduced to the minimum, even zero. The damage rate of some fragile and vulnerable items will be greatly reduced.

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