With the development of the global economy, that the shipping volume is growing.And the throughput of China’s major ports is also rising.

In order to improve the core competitiveness of port enterprises and adapt to the development trend of specialization, large-scale and high efficiency of port bulk cargo handling equipment, countries all over the world are vigorously developing port equipment.

The ship unloaders is a special machine that continuously puts the granular materials out of the cabin, then unloads them to the boom or frame and can be transported to the main conveyor system on the shore.

Through this article, we can understand the important components, development history and related classification of ship unloaders.

What are the important components of ship unloader?

The ship unloaders is a machine that can lift granular materials by using a continuous conveyor. The ship unloader is mainly composed of a crane traveling mechanism, a trolley traction mechanism, a coal hopper and feeding system, a pitching mechanism, a lifting / closing mechanism, an electrical and control system, a sprinkler dust removal system and a lubrication system.

What are the common types of cargo Unloaders?

According to the working principle of the ship unloader reclaiming and conveying equipment, the ship unloader is mainly divided into pneumatic type, entrainment type, scraper type, screw type, corrugated edge retaining type, chain bucket type, bucket wheel type, etc. The most common is the screw conveyor.

Entrained ship unloader

The entrained ship unloader is mainly composed of a feeder, a horizontal boom, a vertical boom, a gantry, a dust-proof device, a driving mechanism, etc.

During operation, it lower the vertical boom into the materials to be unloaded, tighten the middle of the tape through the feeding device, and then wrap the tape around the materials for lifting and conveying.

pneumatic ship unloader

The pneumatic ship unloader is one of the types of ship unloaders ,which mainly consists of suction nozzle, conveying pipe, separator, dust remover, unloader, fan and muffler.

During the operation of ship unloader, the grain equipped with hose suction nozzle is suspended and moved in the vertical and horizontal conveying pipelines, and the materials are transported to the designated position of the wharf through separator, unloader and conveyor.

Bucket wheel ship unloader

The reclaiming device of bucket wheel ship unloader adopts bucket wheel with low-speed rotation.It mainly includes crane running mechanism, rotating mechanism, driving device, boom end transfer hopper, frame comparison belt conveyor and gantry center buffer bin.

Screw unloader

Screw ship unloader is a ship unloader that takes materials by screw machine and uses vertical screw conveyor to lift. Screw ship unloader is mainly composed of vertical wall, horizontal wall, end screw conveyor and gantry.

When the screw conveyor is unloading, first lower the reverse screw feeding device to be unloaded, and then transport the materials to the spiral lifting pipe. Then the inner screw lifts the materials vertically, and then transport the materials to the predetermined receiving place through the horizontal conveyor.

Chain bucket ship unloader

The chain bucket ship unloader is mainly composed of chain bucket reclaiming and lifting structure, bucket elevator head, rotating mechanism, receiving mechanism, boom rotating mechanism, boom pitching mechanism, traveling mechanism and belt conveyor system.

Chain bucket conveyor can be divided into catenary type and L-line chain bucket ship unloader.

The catenary type is applicable to the deck barge. It is suspended when taking materials. The hopper that falls on the warehouse surface for operation can float up and down with the deck when the ship is bumpy, so the hopper can work close to the deck and has the capacity of clearing the cabin;

  • shaped chain bucket ship unloader: the chain bucket scoops out the materials, lifts them to the top, and transports the materials to the rear through the spiral hopper unloader and the wall rack belt conveyor.

Development trend of cargo unloader

The development of global trade has continuously promoted the demand for bulk material transportation. It is also a great challenge to the development direction of bulk cargo unloading equipment. Its main technical features are constantly developing towards automation, environmental protection, humanization and so on.

Automation: cargo handling at the wharf has different characteristics. There will be more dust during bulk cargo handling, which will bring serious harm to operators. Automation will be the biggest development trend.

Environmental protection: design relevant dust-proof equipment for the purpose of reducing environmental pollution.

Humanization: considering the nature of the equipment, it mainly meets the relevant functions that are easy to install, operate and maintain. So that the operator can quickly learn the operation.

What advantages does the use of cargo unloading bring to the industry?

The continuous and stable unloading capacity of the ship unloader improves the loading and unloading efficiency of the wharf.Because the material flow is closed, the noise and dust are reduced to the greatest extent, and the pollution to the environment is greatly reduced.

The ship unloaders has the following advantages in operation:

Simple structure: light weight, few vulnerable parts, easy to maintain;

Reduce environmental pollution: closed transportation, less energy consumption and low noise;

Improve port operation rate;

Reduce losses.

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