Screw Ship Unloader


Ship unloader is a ship unloader that takes material by screw machine and uses vertical screw conveyor to lift it.

Spiral ship unloader is mainly composed of vertical wall,Horizontal arm, rotating tower, end screw conveyor and door frame components.


Screw ship unloader  is suitable for feed, fertilizer, mining and many other industries.NAR Automation engineering can provide customers with customized product solutions,Including equipment installation, debugging, training, etc. If you need equipment maintenance, we will provide you with quality after-sales service.



Unloader Standard configuration

  • Vertical boom: the boom is equipped with spiral blade conveyor, and the head is equipped with reverse spiral feeder
  • Horizontal boom: equipped with spiral blade conveyor
  • Turntable and gantry
  • Feeder

Screw Ship Unloader Characteristics

  • High efficiency: the screw ship unloader adopts the special structure of forced reclaiming high-speed screw, with high speed and large unloading volume.
  • Energy saving: because the transmission parts of the ship unloader are light and can work continuously, the power consumption is saved. The power consumption varies according to the unloading type and rated unloading capacity.
  • Environmental protection: dust-free design, each connection point is closed design to prevent dust and material overflow; The reclaimer is embedded in the material to reduce the amount of dust generated by reclaiming. Low noise. The main components have been tested and calibrated by dynamic and static balance. The equipment operates stably and reliably and will not cause noise pollution to the surrounding environment. No sewage discharge.
  • Cost reduction: energy saving and working reliability greatly reduce the long-term operation cost of ship unloader. Reduce labor, only one person is needed to operate, while observing the materials in the ship and operating the portable remote control. Save the voyage cost, the continuous and efficient unloading performance of the ship unloader greatly shortens the unloading time, and can save thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan of voyage cost every day.
  • Complete functions: integrated electromechanical design, all controls are controlled by imported PLC programmable controller, with convenient program modification and high degree of automation. It has a variety of safety protection functions such as mechanical protection, hydraulic automatic protection, speed overrun protection, overload protection, electromagnetic braking system combined with frequency conversion and so on.
  • Reliable operation: the easily worn parts adopt new materials, new technologies and special structural design, which are suitable for long-term continuous operation in harsh environment and long service life.

Optional configuration

  • Complete machine
    • stationary ship unloader
    • rail-mounted ship unloader


Widely used in grain and oil, feed, fertilizer, mining, ports, power plants and many other industries.

Screw Ship Unloader Q&A

  • The screw ship unloader shall be started without load, that is, when there is no material in the shell, the material can be fed to the screw machine after starting.
  • During the initial feeding of the screw machine, the feeding speed shall be gradually increased to reach the rated conveying capacity, and the feeding shall be uniform, otherwise it is easy to cause the accumulation of conveying materials and the overload of the driving device, so as to damage the whole machine as soon as possible.
  • Hard bulk materials shall not be mixed into the conveyed materials to avoid damage to the screw unloader due to screw jamming.
  • The cover of the screw ship unloader shall not be removed during the operation of the machine to avoid accidents.

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