Radial stacker conveyor can solve the problem caused by too high stack. By allowing the belt to rotate radially, new stacks can be created without shutting down or moving the device. Achieve safer and more efficient stacking solutions.

How much do you know about the radial stacking conveyor? The following content will take you to learn more.

What is a radial stacking conveyor?

Radial stacker is one of the large-scale industrial equipment, which is mainly used to classify bulk materials into piles. Stacking conveyor is mainly composed of steel frame, radial landing gear, conveyor belt, drive unit and tail material loading point.

The steel frame is mainly used to support composite material conveyor belt or metal, and the radial landing gear controls the radial rotation of the conveyor.

The transportation speed of radial stacking conveyor is up to 1200t/h, which can stack bulk materials quickly and efficiently. Its use can effectively reduce the loss of products and the impact on the environment.

What are the classifications of radial stacking conveyors?

Many bulk materials need to be stored and stacked. Here, you can customize a suitable stacking conveyor according to your needs. Common radial stacking conveyors can be divided into telescopic radial stacking conveyors and portable radial stacking conveyors.

Telescopic radial stacking conveyor

The radial telescopic stacking conveyor can customize the telescopic length according to the needs to improve the space utilization. The operation cost is significantly reduced by reducing the double treatment of materials.

Portable radial stacking conveyor

Portable radial stacker is more suitable for producers who move in ore and quarry. The portable radial stacker can operate in radial or straight lines.

How does the radial stacker work?

Stackers are equipped with wheels or rotary booms to help reduce material handling from one stack to the next. When the radial stacking conveyor lifts the material to 20 ℃ and higher, stack the material to the top. The conveyor belt can be customized according to the characteristics of materials to achieve better transportation.

These stackers are placed on wheeled equipment that runs on a track that forms a radial semicircle around the equipment. As the storage and stacking of materials grow to full load, the equipment operator can easily reposition the conveyor and start a new stacking without stopping the process or worrying about time-consuming equipment relocation.

What are the advantages of radial stackers?

The stacker conveyor can be combined with other conveyors to transport materials at a fixed height, and the operator does not need to stop the machine for repositioning. With radial conveyors, you will achieve longer uptime, higher output and higher profits. Its main advantages are as follows:

Improve security:

The radial stacker does not require workers to move the equipment for stacking. This can effectively avoid accidents of staff.

Increase flexibility:

The radial stacker can be used in combination with the conveyor system to improve equipment flexibility and ensure effectiveness in more applications.

Higher profits:

The radial stacker conveyor can improve throughput and reduce energy to reduce operating costs. The radial stacker reduces the number of movements in use, effectively obtaining higher profits.

Increase productivity:

There is no need to stop and move the radial stacker, so the throughput of cutting is higher.

The above is an introduction to the radial stacker, which can be customized according to your own needs. Its use can bring more convenient advantages to your project.

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