With the continuous development of China’s industry, the degree of industrial automation of enterprises is becoming higher and higher, and the relationship with industrial automation equipment is becoming closer and closer.

In order to meet the requirements of the continuous development of industrial automation equipment, so that the palletizing robot can provide a more perfect solution for industrial automation is the main direction of the development of palletizing robot in the future.

What is a robot palletizing system

The stacker is mainly composed of handling stacker, mechanical body, servo drive system, arm mechanism, end effector (gripper), end effector adjustment mechanism and detection mechanism.

The parameters are set according to the requirements of different material packaging, stacking sequence and layers to realize the stacking operation of different types of packaging materials.

According to the function, it is divided into bag feeding, steering, bag arranging, grouping, bag grabbing and stacking, pallet warehouse, pallet conveying and corresponding control system.

Gripper classification of palletizing machine

According to the characteristics of the grasped articles, the grippers of the palletizing robot can be divided into the following types:

Gripper mechanical gripper: mainly applicable to the stacking of bags, such as flour, feed, cement, chemical fertilizer, etc.

Splint type mechanical gripper: it is mainly applicable to the stacking of regular boxes and boxes, and can code one or more boxes at a time.

Vacuum suction mechanical gripper: it is mainly suitable for absorbing stacking objects, such as plastic box, tinned beer box, etc.

Characteristics of palletizing mechanical gripper:

Small floor area, high site efficiency and simple operation;

Grip form, flexible application and safe work

Simple structure, low failure rate and easy maintenance;

The linear motion is realized and the motion control program is simplified;

Application of palletizing robot

In recent years, with the rapid development of food, beverage and health products industries, product packaging has developed in the direction of “miniaturization and gift”, with high labor intensity of manual stacking and high staff mobility, which has a serious impact on the production management of food, medicine and other industries.

With the development of science and technology, the emergence of automatic palletizing machine saves time and labor for product palletizing, and better helps enterprises complete the transportation task.

The palletizing robot adopts PLC + touch screen control to realize intelligent operation and management and greatly reduce the labor force.

Advantages of robot palletizing system

  • automation

A very important index to measure the technical level of palletizing robot will be the degree of automation. The automation of palletizing robot mainly includes automatic control and automatic detection.

  • High speed

We should not only promote the high-speed of single machine, but also improve the overall high-speed of palletizing system and palletizing production line. On the premise of continuously improving the degree of automation, the structure of palletizing robot is continuously improved. At the same time, pay attention to the production efficiency of the whole palletizing system, so as to make the high-speed development to a deeper level.

  • Adopt modular structure

The modular structure can not only make the robotic palletizing meet the requirements of different items to the robot to a greater extent, but also make the design and manufacture of equipment more convenient, reduce the cost and shorten the production cycle.

  • Multifunctional palletizing robot

For the production of large quantities of goods with fixed size, there will generally be corresponding equipment for stacking. However, in recent years, due to the continuous growth of multi variety and small batch commodity market and the rapid increase of small and medium-sized users, the demand for multi-functional general palletizing machine in the market is also increasing, and the application prospect will be more and more open.

With the development of automation technology, automatic palletizing system can greatly reduce labor personnel and labor intensity.

It is a high-tech product of the development of modern industrial society. It is of great significance to improve productivity and reduce cost.

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