Material handling system plays a key role in many companies that need to handle bulk materials.It can be used in many industries to effectively improve the handling efficiency of the company.

By learning more about the material handling system, you can better choose the equipment equipped.

What is a material handling system? Let’s see how he promotes our work.

What is material handling system ?

The material handling system is a series of related equipment devices that can reasonably carry goods from one end to the other.

Types of material handling systems

Different types of equipment are used in different industries.

Material handling is usually divided into manual material handling and automatic material handling.

Manual material handling usually refers to workers moving materials that need to be handled by hand.Workers are very prone to danger when carrying out hazardous substances.

Manual material handling is only suitable for short-distance operation, and is not suitable for long-term labor.

Automated material handling:

With the development of today’s society, mechanization is essential.However, some operations cannot be replaced by machines, so many material handling machines available today are semi-automatic.

Due to the continuous improvement of technology, the processing of materials is also gradually fully automated.

What are the principles of material handling?

When selecting material handling equipment, you need to understand the relevant principles so that the equipment can operate better.

Plan analysis:Understand technical requirements and strategic solutions before identifying requirements.This plan needs to be jointly formulated by suppliers, consultants and teams.

Machine load:Machine load before the operation of the equipment, understand the relevant load units of the equipment.Trays, containers, or handbags can be used as a deposited unit. And complete the handling of materials within the load.

Space utilization:When designing the scheme, make effective use of space.Keep the working area clean and tidy, and consider the space for transporting goods for petition when necessary.

Standardization:determine the overall performance target, and all material transportation technology, equipment, control and software shall be standardized.

Mechanical automation:Improve the automation technology of the machine and effectively improve the efficiency of material handling.

Environment:Environment is a crucial factor. When designing the handling system, we need to consider its harm to the environment and use materials that do little harm to the environment as much as possible.

Benefits of material handling?

An effective material handling system can improve production efficiency as much as possible, It not only reduces the time spent in transportation, but also reduces labor costs.

The use of material handling system has the following four advantages:

Reduce the risk of workers: With the use of the material handling system, employees do not need to carry heavy objects. Protect the safety of labor workers.

Improve production efficiency: the use of mechanization can effectively improve production efficiency. Many different types of material handling equipment can help you deliver materials to key locations faster and maintain a more consistent flow, thereby improving efficiency.

Cost saving: the use of material handling system can effectively reduce the cost of the company. Then the use of material handling system can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce material waste.

Effective use of warehouse space: you can use various types of material handling equipment, especially storage and handling equipment, to save your warehouse space. For example, you can install mezzanine to receive the second floor storage space in the warehouse, and install elevated to increase your vertical storage capacity. In addition, the side loader allows you to put the aisles closer together. With better use of warehouse space, you can significantly increase warehouse capacity.

Understand the relevant contents of material handling equipment. I believe you have learned how to choose the appropriate equipment.

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