Chain conveyor


Chain conveyor is a continuous conveyor with flexible traction components developed from scraper conveyor. When conveying materials, the scraper chain is completely buried in the materials.

It is commonly used for horizontal conveying of granular and powdery materials. On the basis of single point feeding and discharging, it can also feed and discharge at multiple points.


The chain conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, good sealing performance and convenient installation and maintenance. It can feed and unload at multiple points, and the process selection and layout are more flexible

Chain Conveyor Detail

Standard configuration

  • Closed section casing (slot)
  • scraper chain
  • driving device
  • tensioning device
  • safety protection device

Chain Conveyor Characteristics

  • Stable operation, low failure rate, medium and short distance medium and small output conveying equipment, the maximum output can reach 1200 tons/hour;
  • The chain conveyor system has simple structure, light weight and small size;
  • The slat chain conveyor tank is a closed box, with small cross-sectional area, large rigidity, materials will not fly, and the working environment is good;
  • Multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading without any additional feeding or unloading device;
  • There is basically no relative movement between the material and the scraper chain conveyor, which will not damage the material;
  • Modular design, safe and convenient to replace accessories.
  • According to different working conditions, including buried scraper chain conveyor, curved scraper conveyor and other special scraper conveying equipment.

Optional configuration

  • Conveyor chain mode: horizontal conveying is applicable to the conveying of general materials, which can be fed or unloaded at multiple points
  • Vertical conveying: suitable for conveying general materials
  • Inclined mode: the inclined scraper conveyor with partition in the middle runs when the materials are completely filled with the lower groove. Even if the inclination is large, it can still ensure the continuous transportation of materials
  • Roller
  • Electrical Controls

Types of chain conveyor

  • Apron chain conveyor: An apron conveyor carries loose materials in the form of bulk materials like coal, lime, sand, stone, and sugar cane.
  • Drag chain conveyor: This conveyor system consists of a chain and has only one rail
  • Plain chain conveyor: Chain conveyors are typically installed on existing floors and connect with other pieces of material handling equipment. There are two main types of chain conveyors: plain (or endless) and loop.
  • Scraper conveyor:If you’re shipping things that don’t weigh much—like paper products, peanuts, or spices—you might consider a scraper conveyor.
  • Flight conveyor:Because a flight conveyor is designed for lighter loads, it often works best when conveying parts or products.
  • En-masse conveyors :Large conveyors move loads quickly and efficiently, but they can also be difficult to integrate into your existing systems. A good alternative is an en-masse conveyor system.

Chain Conveyor benefits

  • Chain conveyors are simple and exceptionally durable.
  • Conveyors where changing the speed is necessary.

Chain Conveyor Application

Widely used in grain and oil, feed, fertilizer, mining, ports, power plants and many other industries.


  • The motor fails to start
    • Cause: the load is too large; The running parts are seriously blocked; Motor failure
    • Measures: check the corresponding equipment before operation; Check for overload
  • Reducer housing overheating
    • Cause: too much or too little oil is injected into the reducer; The inside of the reducer is not clean; The lubricating oil has been used for too long
    • Measures: regularly check the oil injection volume and the use of lubricating oil; Clean the inside of the reducer in time
  • Scraper chain deviation
    • Cause: the tensioning device is over adjusted, resulting in the deflection of the tail wheel; The straightness of the shell exceeds the standard, the axle deviates, and the head and tail wheels are misaligned
    • Measures: check and adjust the tensioning device; Adjust housing straightness

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