Destacker has stable and reliable high-speed destacking capacity. In a typical destacking system, it will include a floor conveyor and trolley to transport the stacked materials in sequence, quickly move them into the destacking station, and remove the empty tray after the destacking is completed.



Destacker is a complete function of equipment, can completely replace manual to complete high-precision work, widely used in feed, fertilizer, cement and other industries. NAR Automation engineering can provide customers with customized product solutions,Including equipment installation, debugging, training, etc. If you need equipment maintenance, we will provide you with quality after-sales service.

Destacker Detail



Destacker Standard configuration

  • Arm mechanism
  • Drive motor
  • Grab

Destacker Characteristics

  • Simple structure, small footprint, flexible equipment layout;
  • Low failure rate, stable and reliable, simple maintenance;
  • The grouping method is flexible; it is suitable for the palletizing requirements of various packaging materials;
  • Can palletize multiple packaging bags at the same time, with intelligent sorting function (optional)

Optional configuration

  • Gripper form
    • gripper type mechanical gripper
    • splint type mechanical gripper
    • vacuum suction type mechanical gripper

Destacker Application

Widely used in grain and oil, feed, fertilizer, mining, ports, power plants and many other industries.

Robot Palletising Q&A

  • Air leakage at piston rod
    • Cause: the bottom ring of the main body is damaged
    • Measures: replace the ring
  • Air leakage at exhaust port
    • Cause: the on-off valve ring or switch seat ring is damaged or the piston ring is damaged
    • Measures: replace
  • Air leakage at trigger
    • Cause: the on-off valve ring or switch seat ring is damaged
    • Measures: the machine needs to be maintained after being used for a period of time. After being used, the palletizing robot should be cleaned. When necessary, check the lubrication degree of the machine and add lubrication in time to prolong the service life of the palletizing robot.
  • The nail clamping action of palletizing robot is too slow or the nail clamping stroke is insufficient
    • Cause: the bolt is loose and the front buckle or the inner plate of the board machine is worn. Tighten the bolts and pay attention to the correct position of the front buckle shaft.
    • Measures: the front buckle or the inner plate of the board machine can be replaced. After completing the above actions, test its function. If the stroke is too short, fine tune the front buckle shaft upward. If the action is slow, fine tune the front buckle shaft downward.

Advantages of our machining service

  • Competitive price and quality from our own factory
  • Approved by ISO9001, CE, SGS every year
  • Best service with 24 hour`s reply
  • Flexible payment with T/T,L/C , paypal, kunlun bank, etc
  • Smooth production ability
  • Quick delivery and standard exporting package


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