Eco hoppers


Eco hoppers is an essential when shipping and handling dry bulk cargo.

Although simple looking on the outside, the internal mechanisms can help contain the cargo, helping to control dust, reduce pollution and maximize the amount of cargo transferred.


ECO HOPPERS is suitable for feed, fertilizer, mining and many other industries.NAR Automation engineering can provide customers with customized product solutions,Including equipment installation, debugging, training, etc. If you need equipment maintenance, we will provide you with quality after-sales service.


Eco Hopper Standard Configuration

  • Bracket
  • Dust curtain: a grid plate is arranged at the upper opening of the re hopper, which can carry the weight of the empty grab. An integrated rubber plate is installed under the grid plate. The rubber plate opens when the material falls and automatically closes after blanking, so that the whole hopper mouth forms the function of one-way valve, and the dust is closed in the ECO hoppers.
  • Dust suppression of double-layer bucket body: the powder layer of the upper bucket body is closed by the dust curtain. When the material falls to the lower bucket body, the powder layer rises along the conical surface of the lower bucket body, while the upper plane of the lower bucket body is closed, and the powder layer is always controlled between the upper and lower bucket bodies.
  • Dust removal system: the dust removal air duct with optimized design is adopted to make the dust removal speed and adsorption force greater than the dust overflow speed and buoyancy. Under the gravitational action of the dust removal system, the dust is effectively controlled. At the same time, due to the role of the dust curtain, the dust removal air volume of the dust removal system is reduced, the energy consumption is reduced, the maintenance and dust removal workload is reduced, and the packaging system operates effectively and continuously.


  • The Eco hopper is suitable for the unloading of ship or shore grab cranes, and can be made into mobile (towed, self-propelled) and fixed
  • Conventional hopper system (excluding dust control system);
  • Environmental protection hopper system, according to the characteristics of the material, can be equipped with water spray, spray system or dry dust removal system to minimize the escape of dust during the grab operation;
  • The lower mouth of the environmentally friendly hopper system is connected to the conveyor belt, which can be equipped with water spray, spray or dry dust removal system according to the characteristics of the material;
  • The Eco hoppers is directly loaded at the bottom of the vehicle. The two most commonly used methods are: ①Install a telescopic chute + dust removal system at the bottom of the hopper; ②Install a special dust suppression hopper at the bottom of the hopper;
  • The Eco hoppers with special requirements can be customized according to customer needs.

Optional configuration

  • Feeding mode
    • gravity
    • screw
    • belt
    • vibration
    • combination
  • Bagging mode
    •  automatic weight determination (net weight)
    • manual bagging
    • automatic feeding
    • forklift unloading or trolley pushing
  • Walking mode
    • tire type
    • fixed type
    • wheel rail type

How to maintain Eco Hopper?

  • One of the key benefits of an eco hopper is that it requires relatively little maintenance.
  • The environmental protection hopper will also need to be checked to address any wear and tear issues.
  • An eco hopper is an essential for any dock- or quayside operation that involves dry cargo.


Widely used in grain and oil, feed, fertilizer, mining, ports, power plants and many other industries.


  • Fan does not rotate
    • Cause: poor contact of fan power switch
    • Measures: overhaul / replace the fan switch
  • Smoke from hot air pipe
    • Cause: the fan is damaged, the temperature controller is out of control, and the temperature is too high
    • Measures: replace the fan and check whether the temperature controller is out of service
  • The fan operates without temperature
    • Cause: electric heating switch failure; Heating pipe failure; The thermostat is damaged
    • Measures: replace the switch; Replace the heating pipe; Replace the overtemperature protector
  • The fan operates but the temperature is not enough
    • Cause: poor electric heating tube; Lack of phase in power; The thermostat is damaged
    • Measures: check the electric heating pipe; Check whether the phase is missing; Replace the thermostat
  • The fan operates but the temperature is too high
    • Cause: thermocouple is broken; Thermostat failure
    • Measures: replace thermocouple; Replace the thermostat

Display of environmental protection hopper

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