The screw type ship unloader is a mechatronics design, which uses the material gravity and the friction generated by the tank wall to lift the materials, with light transmission parts, power saving and energy saving, which greatly reduces the long-term operation cost of the ship unloader. In addition, the ship unloader can quickly lift materials, has large loading and unloading capacity, saves voyage cost and shortens unloading time. Therefore, ship unloader is widely used in port material handling.

The following is an introduction to the screw type ship unloader.

What is screw unloader?

Bulk ship unloader system is a mechanical ship unloader that unloads bulk materials from bulk goods. It can directly unload materials to trucks, or combine with other conveying systems to form different material conveying systems.

The main components include horizontal screw conveyor, vertical screw conveyor and special reclaiming device. In order to make the screw shaft in a more favorable tension state, the driving device and discharge port are generally placed at the same end of the conveyor, and the feed port is placed near the tail of the other end as far as possible.

The mechanical ship unloader is equipped with a unique inlet feeder to ensure efficient picking up of materials into the vertical screw conveyor, thus providing a consistently high unloading capacity.

The mobile marine leg unloader can be used as needed and can be easily transported to other places. With good mobile performance and high operation efficiency, there is no need for wharf or auxiliary structure tower, and the mobile unloader requires less capital investment. Machines of different sizes can be selected according to the characteristics of materials.

Good flexibility, equipped with steering system, the weight and size of steel chassis are optimized to the minimum, with small floor area and space saving .

Convenient operation, which can be completed manually, or pre programmed to realize driving mode operation, so as to reduce labor force.

The operation efficiency of the port mobile unloader is very high, and any goods left to the loader at the end of the unloading operation are minimized, which finally improves the speed of passing through the ship and greatly shortens the unloading time.

The connection points of the machine are closed to avoid the overflow of dust and materials. The reclaimer is embedded in the materials to reduce the amount of dust generated by reclaiming.

Low noise. The main components are tested and corrected by static balance and dynamic balance. The equipment operates stably and reliably without causing noise pollution to the surrounding environment.

The bulk material unloader is an integrated electromechanical design, which is controlled by PLC programmable controller, which is easy to modify and has high automation. At the same time, it also has a variety of safety protection functions, such as mechanical protection, hydraulic automatic protection, speed overrun protection, overload protection, braking system combined with electromagnetic and frequency conversion.

The easily worn parts adopt new materials, new processes and special structural design, which are suitable for long-term continuous operation in harsh environment and longer service life.

Classification and application scope of ship unloaders

Screw conveyor is a kind of machinery that uses motor to drive screw rotation and push materials to achieve the purpose of conveying. Screw conveyor is divided into shaft screw conveyor and shaftless screw conveyor.

Shaft screw conveyor is suitable for non viscous dry bulk materials and small particle materials, such as lime, grain, etc. Shaftless screw conveyor is suitable for conveying viscous and winding materials, such as sludge, garbage, etc.

Screw type ship unloaders are widely used in port ship loading and unloading, truck loading and unloading, grain industry, transportation, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Precautions for operation

Before operation, the operator shall ensure that the track is free of obstacles and can operate normally, and move the ship unloader to the required cargo hold on the ship.

According to the following sequence, the pneumatic machine needs to start the gantry conveyor first, then the horizontal arm conveyor, the vertical wall conveyor and finally the inlet device.

The conveyor, hydraulic device and feeding device are started through the start stop button on the control box; All movements can be stopped by using the emergency stop button on the control box.

Regularly check the wear of spiral blades to avoid shutdown accidents and delay production.

Unloading process of ship unloader

The screw unloader inserts the vertical screw conveyor into the material to be unloaded.

The materials are gathered at the feed port under the push of the feed head.

Vertical screw conveyor lifts materials vertically.

The horizontal conveyor sends the materials to the predetermined receiving place.

Through the above introduction to the screw ship unloader, I hope it can be helpful when you choose relevant equipment.

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