The telescopic belt conveyor is a telescopic conveyor, which can adjust the conveyor to reach the moving in or moving out of the transported goods according to the demand, and quickly and efficiently complete the loading and unloading of materials through extension and retraction. The telescopic belt conveyor is safe to operate, effectively improves productivity and efficiency, and reduces labor force.

telescopic belt conveyor

1.What is telescopic belt conveyor?

The telescopic belt conveyor takes the conveyor belt as the bearing member, and its body is provided with a storage belt device, which can adjust its length according to the position change of the work. When using telescopic belt conveyor to transport materials, according to the need at the end of the conveyor or the middle part of the unloading.

Telescopic belt conveyor is mainly composed of head frame, driving device, driving drum, tail frame, roller, middle frame, tail reversing device, unloading device, cleaning device, tensioning device, storage belt device. Conveyors can be adapted to any form of line on the premise of meeting the requirements of dip Angle. When installing the telescopic belt conveyor, it is necessary to arrange the position of the tension device reasonably to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor.

2.What are the characteristics of the telescopic belt conveyor?

  • Long transport distance: the telescopic belt conveyor does not need any transfer point until the material position in the middle of the transport, and the transport length can reach more than ten kilometers.
  • Large throughput: the telescopic belt conveyor can continuously transport materials as required, and its volume can range from several kilograms per hour to several thousand tons.
  • Simple structure: telescopic belt conveyor is mainly composed of transmission roller, reversing roller, groove roller, flat roller, driving device, conveyor belt and other large parts, only more than ten parts, can be assembled in accordance with the need, the structure is very simple.
  •  High reliability: the telescopic belt conveyor has simple structure and light weight of moving parts. When the conveyor belt does not break, the service life of the machine can be as long as ten years.
  • Low energy consumption, high efficiency: light weight of moving parts, less invalid transportation, can be continuously transported according to the location of materials.
  • the telescopic belt conveyor can be operated by pressing the button of the body, and it can also be installed in the form of wireless remote control.

3.What are the type parameters of the telescopic belt conveyor?

The telescopic machine body adopts 6mm or 8mm carbon steel/manganese steel laser cutting, its basic section length is 6 meters, can also be customized according to customer needs. Main type parameters of telescopic belt conveyor are shown in the following table.

Model TBC2S-6/4 TBC3S-6/8 TBC4S-6/12 TBC5S-6/14
Retracted 6000mm 6000mm 6000mm 6000mm
Extension 4000mm 8000mm 12000mm 14000mm
Total 10000mm 14000mm 18000mm 20000mm
High 750mmm 800mm 900mm 1100mm
Belt width Conventional 800mm(additional 600mm and 1000mm optional)
Belt direction Loading or unloading
Tilting 0– +4,Hydraulic adjustment0– +4°
Capacity Maximum 60 KG/Meter
Belt speed 0-36M/minute (speed adjustable)

4.The application of telescopic belt conveyor?

Telescopic belt conveyor transport capacity, small work resistance, low power consumption, in the process of transport less coal, broken is small, in coal, metallurgy, port and other fields have been widely used. It can be combined with the company’s hoist, roller conveyor, fixed belt conveyor, production assembly line and other equipment to form a complete three-dimensional automatic conveying system, which can well improve productivity.

5.Other things you need to know

  • The tensioning device not only needs to consider the operating area of the tensioning device, but also needs to be placed in the place with the minimum tension of the conveyor belt to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor belt.
  • The tensioning device shall be arranged so that the branches of the tensioning drum winding into and out of the conveyor belt are parallel to the displacement line of the drum, and the applied tensioning force shall pass through the center of the drum.
  • In order to prevent the material from cleaning unclean adhesion and accumulation on the conveyor belt, resulting in conveyor belt shutdown accident. The sweeper needs to work under the unloading drum to ensure that the cleaned material is fed directly into the discharge chute.
  • In the operation of the telescopic belt conveyor, when the conveyor belt extends, the tension will decrease, and the traction will therefore decrease. You can use the tension device to increase the initial tension appropriately and improve the traction.
  • When the belt of the telescopic belt conveyor runs off balance, it is necessary to adjust the belt in no-load operation.

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